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All rolled into one. Others give lip service to experience, we have a full fledged platform at
www.web-stepup.com to help you with your project experience. Also our placement team is constantly in touch with the industry and will provide you with a 2 month internship.

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Our Industry Faculty from Bangalore

Meer Irfan Ali

Meer Irfan Ali

Digital Analytics
@ Cypress Semiconductor
Srinivas Mothey

Srinivas Mothey

Giftguru and Founder
@ Giftingnation.com
Kiran Hota

Kiran Hota

@ Accel Partners
Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Founder and CEO
@ web-stepup

Course Content of the Website Course in Bangalore

Introduction to Websites

In this you can understand the concept of web and Its Dynamic Aspects.The theories like Static Web Page and Dynamic Web Page Can be Understood. Also get in behind the scenes to understand the working of a Web site on basis of different Languages

Introduction to WordPresse

Learn more about one of the most popular dynamic web platform – WordPress.Get involved in active to install. And understand the various aspect of the platform.

Understanding the file structure

Understand the file structure of WordPress.Also Get an inside look at the Databases and the way it is used by the platform.

Battles on – Modules or Plugin

Understand the Dynamics of Modules and Plugins.Also Start Customizing it to match your need. At the end get the theoritical knowledge about development of your own Modules and Plugins

Trun arounds

Learn how to make your wordpress blogging site.Also Understand the Simplicity to change the site to a Ecommerce portal or a E-Learning Environment.

introduction to Dyanamic Website

Get a keen look at the dynamic aspects of a website and also understand the programming involve along the time for Dynamic websites

ntroduction to WordPress

Learn more about one of the most popular dynamic web platform – WordPress.Get involved in active to install. And understand the various aspect of the platform

Customizing the Appeal

Get your hands on the 10,000+ themes at wordpress community.And also learn to Customize the theme To appeal your Audience.

Integrity Check

Check for the integrity issuses in your WordPress site.Also Understand the importance of Compatibility Check.

Mission Brief

A final Assignment that can leverage your Knowledge to the Max.Also Get to know from Faculty about various aspects of dynamic Web Development – Like Proposals, Working, and Costings.

  • Classroom Option
  • Venue: 37/6, Agha Abbas Ali Road, near Trinity Circle, MG Road, Bangalore-560042
  • Session: Weekend Only
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Cost: 5500/-
  • Contact: +91 9901984698
  • Certification: Yes
  • Online Option
  • Venue: Google Hangout!
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Cost: 2750/-
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes

Both options include a free two month membership of  Web-stepup (www.web-stepup.com). Web-stepup is a  managed freelancing  platform for web skills.After you are done with our course you can get live project experience on this platform. And also – here’s the awesome thing : Once you have acquired the required score on this platform,you start earning from projects ! 

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