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resume tips with sample

Resume Tips for Digital Marketing Job Writing a digital marketing resume isn’t exactly like other forms of resume writing, because there are specific things that marketing leaders look for when hiring. That might include creativity, a focus on results,…
lot to learn from SEO
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SEO Careers in India : A primer SEO Careers in India  A primer Video Transcription : Skills required for a successful SEO career Right so we will be talking about careers in search engine optimization or SEO and we'll be talking about…

Digital Marketing jobs in Ebrandz

Summary E-brandz is the second largest Search Engine Optimization Company in the world. As an industry leader with more than 6 years experience, eBrandz probably has the highest number of successful case studies and client testimonials when…
lot to learn from SEO

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing 1.5 Billion Users on Facebook. 2 Billion Tweets a week. 2 new users join LinkedIn every second.150 million active users on Instagram. Online media is getting ever more integrated into our daily life…
lot to learn from SEO

5 reasons why SEO is important for Small and Mid Businesses

Small businesses have a lot to learn from SEO and it is not an exaggeration that businesses not practicing SEO don’t fare well. But SEO is that jump on the bandwagon where you can optimize your business to a larger audience. Doesn’t matter…
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