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resume tips with sample

Resume Tips for Digital Marketing Job

https://youtu.be/GAWgoEoSgwc Writing a digital marketing resume isn’t exactly like other forms of resume writing, because there are specific things that marketing leaders look for when hiring. That might include creativity, a focus on results,…

Latest Jobs In Web Analytics - Delhi

1. MakeMy Trip (india) pvt ltd (7-11 yrs experience) Company profile  Founded in the year 2000, India's No.1 Online Travel Company has not only won the trust of a million satisfied customers, but also the respect and acclaim of the entire…

Latest Jobs In Web Analytics - Bangalore

1. Nablre Web  (2 yrs experience) Company profile Nabler is India’s first pure play web analytics company. We are looking for web analysts who are excited about analytics and the Internet. We analyze data for some of the best brands in…

Latest Jobs In Web Analytics - Mumbai

eClerx Services Ltd. Company Profile eClerx provides an expert outsourcing solution for sales and marketing managers who depend on immediate access to highly accurate decision support information and error-free management of your online…

Youtube was a dating site when it began

Youtube was a dating site when it started and this is how it looked. It basically allowed folks to upload videos about themselves and search for other interesting profiles when it started. Notice the " I am a male seeking...." part at the…


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