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Importance of coding and Programming for Kids

Computer coding or programming is still considered by most as a highly technical activity which only a small percentage of people find interesting enough. But the truth is that coding is now considered as the latest type of literacy. It is a skill that is used every day all around today’s digital world.

The ability to communicate your thoughts in a logical and structured way is known as computational thinking which is exactly like the step by step instructions that are coded into computers and machines. Machines also replicate the process of thinking up and solving problems in a methodical way which is commonly used by software engineers, computer programmers and logistics specialists.

Learning to code is as simple as learning to ride a bike for young children. Kids as young as four-year-olds can learn the fundamental concepts of computing. With the help of latest and modern software, learning how to code has become even easier and interesting which makes the kids excited about computer programming.

Computer programming is seen as the fastest growing and high in demand profession for the next few decades, with the progress in the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and robotics. Kids who are exposed to programming can develop their passion for it and discover how to apply these fundamentals in their life.

About Junior Tech Squad

Learning Catalyst is one of the top institutes in Mumbai which is providing training to the kids in the field of AI,Machine learning,Web designing, coding,animation,You tube editing under a program called  Junior Tech Squad. In JTS we help to Understand basic programming terminology and constructs in a fun way.Code with tools like Scratch, Tynker and Code with Google. Play interactive games while learning programming and animation Work on interesting games like making your soundtrack, animating a 2d cartoon character and Building a Geo filter for Snap chat.

Our Industry Faculty from Mumbai

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Founder and CEO
@ web-stepup

Topics Covered in coding and Programming

Python Programming for kids

Python is similar to writing commands in plain English. As beginners, kids will quickly pick up the basics and learn how to use this language for game development and animation.

Python for kids is beginner friendly and reduces the risk of frustration, which can sometimes cause kids to fall away from computer programming.

Python for beginners

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • What is coding, and why is it good for your kids?Plus, how to get the most from this course.
  • NEW: Installing Python 3.6 and Getting Started
  • How to install the NEW Python version 3.6 on a Mac
  • Writing Your First Program in Python-Write and save your first programming.
  • Running and Modifying Programs in Python-Run python programme and change them to make them even cooler

Python for advance level

  • An introduction to variables in Python, and an overview of what you are going  to learn
  • Create your own variables using strings, and store user input in string variables.
  • Use basic maths operators in Python to perform calculations.
  • Perform maths operations using the Python Shell.
  • Perform maths operations using the Python Shell.

Python for intermediate

  • Intro to Turtle Graphics in Python-overview of what you’ll learn in Section 2.
  • Write a 5-line Turtle program in Python from scratch! Draws a hypnotising square spiral on your screen
  • Change your program to make it even cooler! Modify the square spiral to draw a winding spiral staircase/pyramid shape!
  • Use the circle() function in Python’s Turtle graphics to draw circles of varying sizes for a cool pattern!
  • Add colour to your turtle creations using the pen colour() function
  • Use a list of colours to paint a four-colour square spiral!
  • Change the background colour of your turtle screen by using turtle.bgcolor

Scratch programming

Scratch is a free visual programming language that helps kids to create and program easy and simple animations, games, music, interactive stories and much more. You can program your own animations and games and share your projects with other creative kids in the online community. Scratch helps develop creativity in young kids, helps them to reason systematically and work in collaboration with their fellow peers – the very essential skills in the 21st century.

Scratch for Beginners

Scratch 101-It’s helpful for the beginners to get hands on new projects ,and post them.

0. Creating a Project
1. Movement
2. Sounds
3. Loops and Repetition
4. The Green Flag
5. Changing Costumes
6. Key Press
7. Backdrops
8. Adding Sprites

Scratch for Advance


2.Translations to other language.

3.New sprites and backdrops

Scratch for Intermediate

Scratch 102

1.Introduction to Speed.

2 Numbers and Repeating sequences.

3.Pages and Wait block.

4.​The concept of the Start on Bump, Start on Tap.

5..Send and Receive messages, Stop blocks.

Java programming

Java for Kids

Variables & Inputs
Control Structure
Looping statements
1D Arrays
2D Arrays

  • Classroom Option
  • Venue: Office No-2, Ground floor, Ganga keshav SO, Hanuman Road, Cross Road No.1, Opp- Lakme salon,Vile Parle (E), Mumbai- 400057.
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 12 Sessions
  • Cost: 8500/- + tax
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes
  • Online Option
  • Venue: Google Hangout!
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 12 Sessions
  • Cost: 8500/- + tax
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes
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