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3 Reasons Why Kids Can Start Programming Early On


nstead of using the web only for Youtube and Facebook, the kids will get an outlet to their creative skills and get a hobby / passion for life.


We will make it totally project driven and hands-on so that at the end of it, the kid has various projects to show off with :). In a traditional school set-up this very approach is missing because of which kids don’t find it exciting enough.


We are a eight year old brand with the best faculty in the business. Don’t believe us – have a look at our faculty page to get a sense of the rich backgrounds that they have

About Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst is a specialist in digital media related programs offering the most comprehensive range of programs for graduates and working professionals.Junior Tech Squad is a part of Learning Catalyst where we train Kids to know how to use the Web more effectively. Here at JTS, we have prepared a module wise program to help kids navigate the entire expanse of the opportunities the web provides.This course has been designed for Kids that fit the age bracket from 9yrs to 16yrs.

JTS Simplified coding for kids

Application Oriented

Children see the real working of coding and computer science all around them

Activity Based Learning

We almost don't have books! All concepts taught through activities

Individual Attention

With an average teacher student ratio of 1:6, we ensure every child  gets full attention

Course Overview

My First Website

My First Code

My First Game

Detailed Course Contents

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • What is coding, and why is it good for your kids?Plus, how to get the most from this course.
  • NEW: Installing Python 3.6 and Getting Started
  • How to install the NEW Python version 3.6 on a Mac
  • Writing Your First Program in Python-Write and save your first programming.
  • Running and Modifying Programs in Python-Run python programme and change them to make them even cooler

  • Intro to Turtle Graphics in Python-overview of what you’ll learn in Section 2.
  • Write a 5-line Turtle program in Python from scratch! Draws a hypnotising square spiral on your screen
  • Change your program to make it even cooler! Modify the square spiral to draw a winding spiral staircase/pyramid shape!
  • Use the circle() function in Python’s Turtle graphics to draw circles of varying sizes for a cool pattern!
  • Add colour to your turtle creations using the pen colour() function
  • Use a list of colours to paint a four-colour square spiral!
  • Change the background colour of your turtle screen by using turtle.bgcolor

  • An introduction to variables in Python, and an overview of what you are going  to learn
  • Create your own variables using strings, and store user input in string variables.
  • Use basic maths operators in Python to perform calculations.
  • Perform maths operations using the Python Shell.
  • Perform maths operations using the Python Shell.

Examples Of Projects Done By Kids

Course Fee Structure

Online Course

26000 + Taxes*
  • Free Support 24/7
  • Databases Download
  • Maintenance Email

Classroom course

36650 +Taxes*
  • Free Support 24/7
  • Databases Download
  • Maintenance Email
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