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Jobs & Responsibilities of Hadoop Professional

If you’re wondering whether a certification can make a difference in getting a job as a Hadoop developer, Hadoop Architect or a Hadoop admin – the answer is Yes. Hadoop jobs are highly lucrative and they come with a price of knowing the technology in depth. Many industries are looking to invest in professionals who are skilled.

Before getting into specifics, here are some general skills expected from Hadoop Professionals

  • First and foremost, the ability to work with huge volumes of data so as to derive Business Intelligence
  • The ability to analyse data, derive insights and suggest data-driven strategies
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like Java, C++, Python
  • Database theories, structures, categories, properties, and best practices
  • Must have basic knowledge of the software like installing, configuring, maintaining and securing Hadoop
  • Strong analytical thinking and ability to quickly adapt will surely come in handy

Hadoop Developer

The Roles and Responsibilities include:

Hadoop Developers are mainly software programmers with an extra skill of working in the Big Data Hadoop Domain. One of their primary roles includes coding. They are masters at designing concepts that are used when creating extensive software applications. Additionally, they are also adept at computer procedural languages.

A Hadoop Developer’s work routine would include:

  • Developing, designing and documenting Hadoop Applications
  • Seamlessly managing and monitoring Hadoop Log Files
  • Design, build, install, and configure Hadoop
  • Make hard-to-grasp technical requirements into simple and clear designs
  • Developing MapReduce coding that runs easily on Hadoop cluster
  • Designing scalable web services for data tracking
  • Testing software prototypes and supervise its smooth transfer to operations
  • Working knowledge of HDFS, Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR, Pig Latin Scripts, HBase, HiveQL, Flume and Scoop

Hadoop Architect

The Roles and Responsibilities include:

A Hadoop Architect ensures that the proposed Hadoop Solution gets transpired the way it is outlined to be. S/he takes care of the needs of the organisation and execute their responsibilities by seeing through the gap between Big data Scientists, Big data Developers, and Big data Testers.

A Hadoop Architect’s work routine would include:

  • Planning and designing big data system architectures
  • Creating requirement analysis
  • Responsible for selecting the right platform
  • Designing Hadoop applications and work on their development
  • Ensure successful flow of development life cycle
  • Working knowledge of Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR, Java MapReduce, HBase, Hive and Pig.

Hadoop Administrator

The Roles and Responsibilities include:

The primary role of a Hadoop Administrator is to ensure that the Hadoop frameworks function smoothly with minimum roadblocks. Overall roles and responsibilities are similar to that of a System Administrator. Thorough knowledge of the hardware ecosystem and Hadoop Architecture is a must.

A Hadoop Administrator’s work routine would include:

  • Manage and maintain the Hadoop clusters for an uninterrupted job. Also, ensuring that it is secured in a foolproof manner.
  • Do a routine check-up of the entire system and create regular back-ups
  • Ensuring the connectivity and network is always up and running
  • Planning for capacity upgrading or downsizing as and when the need arises
  • Managing the HDFS and ensuring it is working smoothly at all times
  • A good knowledge of HBase and proficiency in Linux scripting, Hive, Oozie and HCatalog is necessary

Hadoop Tester

The Roles and Responsibilities include:

Hadoop networks getting bigger and more complex with each passing day brings up issues with respect to viability, security and making sure that everything works fine without any bugs or issues.  This is where a Hadoop Tester comes in the picture. S/he is responsible for troubleshooting the Hadoop Applications and rectifying any issues that s/he discovers at the earliest.

A Hadoop Tester’s work routine would include:

  • Construct and deploy both positive and negative test cases
  • Find out and report any bugs or performance issues
  • Make sure that the MapReduce jobs are running perfectly
  • Ensure that all Hadoop scripts like HiveQL, Pig Latin are all solid
  • Thorough knowledge of Java to do the MapReduce testing efficiently
  • Understanding of MRUnit, JUnit Testing frameworks is essential
  • Proficiency in Apache Pig and Hive is required
  • Should be comfortable working with Selenium Testing Automation tool

Data Scientist

The Roles and Responsibilities include:

A data scientist is one of the most sought-after roles in the market today and enterprises are willing to hire qualified professionals for attractive packages. What makes a Data Scientist such an attractive prospect in the job market is because this person wears multiple hats over the course of a typical day at the office. In short s/he is part scientist, part artist and part magic.

A Data Scientist’s work routine would include:

  • Data Scientists are basically Data Analysts with more responsibilities
  • They are well versed with different techniques of handling data
  • Should be able to solve real business problems backed by solid data
  • Should be great with mathematics and statistics
  • Develop data mining architecture, data modelling standards and more
  • An advanced knowledge of SQL, Hive and Pig is necessary and ability to work with SPSS and SAS is a huge plus
  • Ability to reason and confirm required actions with strong data and insights

The above mentioned information gives an overall understanding of what to expect in terms of daily tasks when it comes to Hadoop professionals. A lot of these will alter based on the size of the organisation, its business agenda and its requirements. There has never been a better time to master Hadoop. Get started now!

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