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Faculty Led Live Interactive Sessions

Faculty Led Live Interactive Sessions:

Just like our classroom students, our faculty would train on all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Internship and Live Client Exposure :

Work on Live data and get hand picked internships from our impressive corporate network.

Pre and Post Assessment :

Make use of the extensive repository of tests and quizzes.

Access to Live Sessions of Digital Marketing Gym :

3 sessions every week where live case studies would be taken up and solved and everyone will get a chance to ask their doubts. No other training provider has these kinds of live case study sessions.

Benefits of Studying Online


Learning becomes more effective when online sessions are conducted. And more so when you have the same industry professionals from Learning Catalyst, teaching and mentoring you with Google Hangout. Interact with these subject matter experts to get your doubts cleared or to get assistance on assignments. The rich experience of our expert faculty from the marketing domain will ensure that you are trained in sync with the industry requirements.


No need to rush to your class. Just get online and access the course material online or download them to read lateror interact with your instructor through webinars to clarify any doubts that you have. Teaching, interaction, feedback and coaching; all four take place on the digital platform and you can participate without any hassle. The pre-recorded lectures, videos, PPTs, notes and tips are available 24*7 and you can access them on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile; it is your choice.


When it comes to placements, it is your choice and decision regarding the mode of work. You can opt for a full time job or choose the freelancing option. You will be assisted for both the working modes with 100% placement assistance.


Online learning is in sync with global standards as the study material constantly gets enriched through interaction and collaboration. Our course is fully in tune with the skill set the industry needs and any update is added to the course in time. You can catch up with them through the updated online study material and if you have any query, just reach out to Google hangout. Webinars and instructor-led classes are also conducted to keep you abreast of the latest developments.

Get A Unique Learning Experience With Our Online Courses

  • Once you enroll in our online courses, you will be given full access to the online study material. The online classes held on Google Hangout will give you theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the different domains of digital marketing.
  • The video lectures, PPTsand other learning resources like webinars will guide you through the industry-validated course material. You can reach out to your subject matter experts and instructors to get your doubts cleared.
  • Live projects form part of the curriculum and you get to work with the best minds. In case you need assistance to complete an assessment, you can seek your fellow students at the student forum.

Our Internet Marketing Online Training Faculty

Kaushik Mahadeshwar

Founder and CEO @Web-Stepup

Samrat DSouza

Owner & Founder @Fast Web Group

Kiran Hota

Associate @Accel Partners

jaydeep bir

Co Founder

Digital Marketing Online Course Syllabus

Why is Adwords the most widely used SEM program How to set up accounts, campaigns, ad groups and assign budgets Pointers to work on your keywords, ads, and landing pages

Elements of Quality Score and How they are linked with each other. How to allocated budgets between Search and content. How do you track campaign performance and optimize the campaign

Studying competition sites to understand best practices that can be used.

How crawlers index the web-pages, and rank them.HTML and Tags

Webmaster Tools and basic tech issues while doing SEO

Deep dive into Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest

How to evaluate websites for their SEO friendliness. Marketing strategy and keyword research Tactics in On-page and Off-Page optimization

In which scenarios is Paid Search used. Basics of Targeting: Searches, Keywords, and Landing Pages. How bidding happens


In our humble opinion, this is an outdated question. 


As a candidate, you should rather be asking - “Will I get a committed and specialist support to be placed in the top digital companies and top digital profiles?”. 100% placement has been a gimmick in the education industry which has resulted in a lot of dissatisfaction and a bad name to the placement services category. 


And coming back to the question btw, the digital industry is growing by leaps and bounds. And it is a widely known fact that there is a dearth of talent across levels. So mere placement is not the issue, the RIGHT kind of profiles and the RIGHT kind of companies is important. And as a specialist, we understand this difference.

We get this question a lot. Yes it is possible to move into the digital ecosystem at the same current salary. This is because digital basically implies that you are learning new tools and it is not about starting from scratch. Whether you are in marketing or tech learning digital skills is only going to strengthen your current profile.

From our experience, it takes 3 months for people to get the right placement. But it could be less also and it depends on a host of factors like the current digital awareness of the candidate.

Yes, most of the recruiters that we are in touch with pay for all the internship opportunities.

There are two levels of on-the-job learning at president


Initially the mentor would assign you specific activities to do to test your practical understanding of the topics. The feedback provided by the mentor would be one key element of ‘on-the-job’ learning.


Next During your live project and internship the mentor would monitor your progress and the tasks performed by you. This feedback would be the second key element of the ‘on-the-job’ learning.

This is delivered in the following manner :

First: The quiz sets, assignments and case studies that have been developed on a real-world scenario basis.

Second: The internships and live project experience that you will do.

The mentor would be to help you in your learning path. Your mentor journey will start when the mentor would help you define your job goals and set a learning path for the same. Every week the mentor will have a call with you to understand all the areas well you are getting stuck and also give you feedback on all the activities and assignments that you have been doing.

Yes they will be classroom for live online sessions.

No, you don't. The program is open for people from any background and does not require any digital skills.

Your resume would get impacted at two levels :

First your final capstone project and the live project experience that you have finished would be showcased in your resume and would be a testimonial to your capability

Second you are free to mention the name of the mentor on your resume. This adds a lot of credibility in the eyes of the recruiter

To begin with, the mentor is a person who will help you set your learning goals and outline the actual job profile that you should be targeting


You would be having weekly calls with your mentor.The mentor will help you in the following ways


First, the mentor would be providing feedback on your learning path activities and live internship that you are doing. You can discuss any of the doubts in the learning material and also any of the issues you are facing while doing your capstone project or live client project.


Second the mentor is your learning companion who will be with you till the time you get your final job placement


Third the actual network of the mentor would be leveraged to help you get some of the recommendations and interviews. There have actually been cases where the mentors have hired the candidates themselves.

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