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The term Ajax represents a broad group of web technologies that can be used to implement a web application that from the client side communicates with the server in the background, keeping the current page intact. Ajax includes XHTML, CSS, XML and Java script .JavaScript is a programming language to make website interactive. Ajax along with java script has wide range of applications from make pop ups that jump up without page refresh to making scalable web applications. Therefore without a doubt java script developers are in much demand. Java script jobs are also available a plenty due to its wide application.

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Job Opening for Senior Software Engineer at Cpcareers | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Summary- Cpcareers is an online recruiting firm. Job Description:- Senior Software Engineer- - 6 to 8 years of Software Development Experience in .NET - Bachelor of Engineering or Master of Computer Applications - .Net 3.5 framework…
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Job Openings for Graphic Designer at Ants at Work | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Summary- Ants at work is a graphic design studio based in Mumbai, India. A studio that believes in the power of visual communication. Where inspiration, ideas and creativity conspire to produce edgy design across various media.  Job Description:- Graphic…
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Job Opening for Web Developer at Social Seety | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:- We are looking for techie who swears by the code. With proficiency in HTML5, CSS, PHP, Ajax, Parallax, JQuery.1-2 years minimum work experience, Worked on websites, application, database management, action scripting. Digital…
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