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Importance of creative courses –

Most parents assume that creativity is an inborn talent and maybe their child might or might not be creative just like many parents assume that all kids are not equally intelligent. But the actual truth is that creativity is not an inborn talent but it is more skill and each parent can help their kids develop skills.

Creativity is a key component for success in almost any field which makes it a core skill to practise with kids. Most people define and limit creativity to artistic and musical expression while it is essential for math, science and socio-emotional intelligence as well. Creative people are better problem solvers and flexible which makes them capable to grab opportunities like technological advances and deal positively with change.

Creativity at an early age fosters mental growth in young kids as it provides ample opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and innovative problem-solving methods. Creativity helps children express their imagination which most can’t do verbally. When a child’s creativity is valued, we recognize their value as an individual and raise their self-esteem.

About Junior Tech Squad

Being a part of the Junior Tech Squad, kids will get complete opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and show their talents. We arrange workshops, events, boot camps to show their work projects in front of a large audience. We help kids to understand the fundamental concepts with a well-designed syllabus taught by our highly experienced kid friendly faculty.

Our Industry Faculty from Mumbai

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Founder and CEO
@ web-stepup


Basics of coding

learning scratch coding, to make new games

Basics of animation and graphic design

learn to make 2D and 3D objects, and graphics.

Basics of web designing

Develop their own website, creating pages, designs.

Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Learning basic python,R programming,Machine learning.

Examples of creativity in kids 

  • Classroom Option
  • Venue: Office No-2, Ground floor, Ganga keshav SO, Hanuman Road, Cross Road No.1, Opp- Lakme salon,Vile Parle (E), Mumbai- 400057.
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 12 Sessions
  • Cost: 8500/- + tax
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes
  • Online Option
  • Venue: Google Hangout!
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 12 Sesions
  • Cost: 8500/- + tax
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes
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