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About Learning Catalyst

While you look for an Social Media Marketing Courses in Chennai, ensure that you join a reputed institute that specializes in Social Media Marketing Training & other avenues of Digital Marketing. Learning Catalyst is one of the elite institutes that provides the finest Social Media Marketing Courses in Chennai. We have industry experts as our faculty for our Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai. Along with our Social Media Courses in Chennai, we also provide Social Media Marketing Training in other major cities of India. Below, you can browse through the topics we cover in our Social Media Marketing Courses in Chennai. Also, you can discover what you can achieve after you complete the Social Media Marketing Training.

Our Industry Faculty from Chennai

Meer Irfan Ali

Meer Irfan Ali

Digital Analytics
@ Cypress Semiconductor
Samrat Dsouza

Samrat Dsouza

Web Analyst
Sri Vikas. U

Sri Vikas. U

Group Head
@ Interactive Avenues
Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Kaushik Mhadeshwar

Founder and CEO
@ web-stepup

Course Content of the SMO Training Course in Chennai

Social Media – Introduction & Benefits

Why PR works better than advertising
Parallels between word-of-mouth and social media.
How can social media help you online :Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer Service, Market Survey, Product Testing.
Examples of results seen by advertisers : Indian and international examples

Social Media Techniques – Session 2

Videos, virals, content aggregators, bookmarking, community sitesWhy Videos are more effective then other tactics
What makes a good viral Advertising options on social networking sites

Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Optimization

Optimization Key aspects to bear in mind when engaging in social media activity

Social Media Techniques – Session 1

Blogs, Online PRChoosing between blogging platforms.
How to generate hype using review sites
What kinds of articles work best for online PR and options for distributing them.
Interesting and effective online PR tactics

Corporate Social Media – corporate blogging, profiling, Online reputation managemen

Corporate Blogging, Profiling, Online reputation management
Thumb Rules while blogging for corporates
Various options during profiling
Examples of effective ORM and various options one can use for this

Social Media Effectiveness Tracking and Analytics

What is the challenge while measuring effectiveness
Various approaches taken by agencies
International attempts being made on this front

  • Classroom Option
  • Venue:Dr.Vasundra’s Residence, Bodhisatsang hall, 2nd floor, 8b Voc Colony, 2nd Main Road, Kodambakam, CH.24, Behind Old Ram Theater, Chennai 600020.
  • Session: Weekend Only
  • Duration: 1 Months
  • Cost: 13000/-
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes
  • Online Option
  • Venue: Google Hangout!
  • Session: Weekdays and weekend both options available
  • Duration: 1 Months
  • Cost: 6500/-
  • Contact: +91 89761 05325
  • Certification: Yes

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