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Pay Per Click Course in Mumbai

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Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace, with search engine marketing or SEM being one of the most productive ways to grow your business. With millions of companies all fighting for the same eyeballs out there, online advertising has never been more critical and search engine marketing is the most successful way to promote your brand and expand your business.

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Scope of SEM

PPC or pay per click is considered as the best SEM tactic. Google Adwords is the main tool that can be used to create ads for any search engine including bing, yahoo. Adwords gives you various types of options such as search ads, video ads, display ads, and smart ads. 

The estimate for 2019 is up from the January projection of ad spending growth of 10.6 per cent, and 10.8 per cent in 2018, the report said.

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Latest Trend in SEM

There is tremendous promise of growth in SEM spending by companies, and several trends are being seen :

  • Growth In Local ads
  • Smart automation is now the common practice of many advertisers to take care of everyday routine ad management tasks. It will be more than a matter of convenience in 2020: it will be an advantage. Google is expected to earn $48.69B in this year's ad revenue; that figure is estimated to grow to $55.51B by 2020.
  • Targeted Advertising powered by big data

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Career path In SEM

The Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM) will oversee all paid search ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as other search and display platforms for the marketing. 

  • SEM Executive 
  • SEM Specialist
  • SEM account manager

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Our Credentials

  • Our Alumni
  • Corporate Training

Our Industry Faculty

Ashwini Desai

Digital Marketing Trainer, Speaker and Consultant

Cyrus Shroff

Director of Key Accounts at Performics India

Saurabh Mhase

Digital Marketing Expert | Digital Marketing Trainer | SEO Expert | PPC Expert | Content Marketing Expert

Course Content

  • Role played by SEM in digital advertising.

  • Why financial services, education and travel were the earliest adoptors?

  • What kinds of trends can one see in SEM campaigns?

  • Why Adwords has become the leader in SEM Basics of Account Set-up

  • Targeting Allocating costs between Search, contextual and Placement targeting

  • Effective selection and qualification of keywords (Popularity, Specificity, BroadWords)
  • Ad Copywriting basics (Key elements of message, Call to action, Persuasion inside messaging and Innovations in messaging)
  • More advanced Targeting techniques. Fully using the Adwords Toolbox

  • Tracking ad performance, Optimizing ads and Analytics
  • How to track the performance of your keywords, ads and landing pages and get data to optimize your campaign.
  • Elements of Quality Score and how they are interconnected. Which specific optimization strategies can you follow

  • What are the different metrics which need to be tracked?
  • How to use the data to optimize the campaigns

  • Search Engine relevancy Algorithms
  • Basic differences between the way Google, Yahoo and MSN ranks web pages.
  • Indexing & Crawling Basics
  • Optimizing Crawl Budget

  • What makes E-commerce site SEM so challenging?
  • Which are the metrics to be tracked? and what optimization tactics can one pursue Case Studies

Tools Covered

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17000 +Taxes*
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