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SEO-Friendly Website Development Tips in 2019

There is a very close relationship between SEO and Website development.  Building an SEO-friendly site requires careful planning and a structured approach to representing your business and the services you provide. For many businesses, this can be complicated — it’s not always easy to document exactly what you do. You will only achieve a good position […]

Content for Social Shares vs Content for Link Building

What is Content Development ? Content Development is doing research, producing and then publishing good information to meet a strategic result. This result will either be for building connections with an audience or to encourage that audience for a sales outcome. Hence content development plays a vital part of marketing strategies Content For Social Shares […]


What are Gmail Ads? Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) commonly known as Gmail Ads appear at the top of your Gmail inbox. You can find a yellow square box which indicates that it’s an ad and not an email. When you click on the ad they expand into a full-screen promotion and look like an actual […]

Augmented Reality In Marketing

What is Augmented Reality ? Augmented reality is the result of using technology to superimpose information — sounds, images and text — on the world we see. As The Drum reports, AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by 20 percent, and improve click-through rates to purchase by 33 percent. […]


Next set of search operators – We discussed one set yesterday and we would be discussing one more now. All in Title So say this is your client who has a website called arenachembur.in  and you are basically trying to get this course page the animation course page of this website you are trying to […]

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