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Resume Tips for Digital Marketing Job

Writing a digital marketing resume isn’t exactly like other forms of resume writing, because there are specific things that marketing leaders look for when hiring. That might include creativity, a focus on results, or technological know-how. Here are some tips to dodge common blunders that can sabotage your digital marketing job search.

Brands Celebrating Teacher’s Day 2020

A day of learning and one that’s been marked as Teachers Day is always a delight for many like us who are busy through the day getting messages, calls, gifts from various students that have been part of the journey.

And yet then on this day, there are also so many brands that celebrate this day through their own messaging on the various socialmedia platforms leveraging moment marketing 

Some of the usual suspects who are always agile with their creative approach and yet some interesting ones who are a part of the student’s life and worthwhile to see some of these have this well thought of in their digitalmarketing content marketing calendar: Pidilite Industries Limited Croma, Infiniti Retail Limited McDonald’s


Digital News in Pharma and Healthcare-Week Ending 29th June

a doctor with tab

We are here with the latest digital news in the pharma and healthcare sectors. Today we will cover the latest news from Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, Indian ERP Epicor, Atos & Siemens. 

It is time Pharma brands say – #EcommerceEssentialHai

India is already riding the digital wave very successfully. With GenZ growing up with easy access to a smartphone, it is a no-brainer that online pharmacies are no longer going to be a trend but will become the norm that will coexist in the ecosystem. Clearly, there’s a lot in favour of the promise that eCommerce holds for pharmaceutical companies.

Saudi Arabia’s Pharma deploys Indian ERP Epicor to streamline processes

Switching to Epicor ERP has allowed Pharma to smoothly link and integrate transactions. In addition to that, it will also save about 30% of unnecessary warehouse-team transactions and managed to reduce the time taken to find or track historical data records or transactions, from hours or days to seconds or minutes.

Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance launches “Mission Medicine – Delivering Life”

The digital campaign “Mission Medicine- Delivering Life” brings to light the human stories of the contributions made by people engaged in the pharma sector amidst the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Atos & Siemens to deploy Digital Twin to make pharma processing more efficient

Digital twins refer to creating a virtual and connected model of a process, product, or service. It will also represent as an example of ‘smart pharma’, where the orchestrated interaction between online sensors and digital models leads to enhanced control of the production process.

Best Telemedicine Health Platforms and Apps 2020

telemedicine health platforms and apps

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the guidelines were suggested for doctors to consult patients on the digital medium which would protect doctors and patients from virus transmission. Telemedicine health platforms are a new mode for patients to communicate with doctors who are living in rural areas, or in a condition who are unable to travel to their specialist. With the growth of technology, the use of telemedicine platforms is also growing as it gives solutions to some of the problems prevailing in our healthcare system at present. Though telemedicine health platforms may not solve them all, it is well suited for scenarios in which medical practitioners can evaluate and manage patients. It can also assist clinics and healthcare professionals to reach out to patients in a new way with maximum revenue.

What is a Telemedicine Health Platform?

Telemedicine platform is a mode for healthcare professionals to evaluate, treat and diagnose patients from their location on telecommunication medium. The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to the telemedicine health platforms as “healing from the distance”.

The application of telemedicine platforms enables doctors to conduct live video chats with patients, answering their queries and diagnosing illness. This platform is a great way for doctors to reach out to patients who cannot travel or reside in rural places. It can also help practitioners to remain virtually available at the patient’s side or in the ambulance during an emergency. Moreover, the telemedicine health platforms grant pharma companies and researchers to conduct clinical surveys or studies and provide convenient testing on different subjects.

Benefits of Telemedicine Health Platforms

For Healthcare Professionals

  • High revenue due to the increased number of patients.
  • Minimizing possibilities of unavailable at the time of appointments.
  • The satisfaction of better patient treatment.

For Patients

  • No need for long-distance travel for appointments.
  • Eliminating waiting time for treatment from a specialized healthcare professional. 
  • A bit cheaper than normal personal visits. 
  • Bedridden patients can avail treatment quickly & easily from their place itself.

7 Best Telemedicine Health Platforms and Apps to Checkout

For those who are searching for telemedicine platforms, we have shortlisted 7 of the best telemedicine health platforms and apps which are free and open source. From these platforms, you can expect to give better patient experience and improved profitability in your healthcare business.

An open-source telemedicine health platform, Intelehealth assists local community health workers to provide primary treatment and diagnosis for the patients situated in rural places. Intelehealth includes mobile apps for health workers and a cloud-based health record system as a backend. The app is built in such a way that it can work efficiently at low bandwidth as well as offline.

Key Features

  • HxGuide- A knowledgeable expert system for supporting the decision of the healthcare provider. 
  • Medical data is transmitted to remote doctors through audio and video consultation even in low bandwidth connection. 
  • Can use low-cost devices for point of care diagnostic tests.
  • Allows forwarding prescription/medication and enables referral coordination to guide patients to the appropriate next level of care. is a telemedicine health platform which has a simple interface and simple to navigate. After creating a virtual room you can start a telemedicine service through this platform. It is a HIPAA compliant platform which is extremely safe for storing your patient’s details and information of treatment provided to them.

Key Features

  • Supports both audio & video functionality.
  • No time restrictions for consultation sessions with patients.
  • Works on iOS and Android devices with custom URLs for virtual rooms.
  • HD video calling for better user experience.

ChARM Health provides a convenient solution for healthcare IT needs. Most beneficial for patients. clinics and hospital groups by connecting them online and provides the convenience of availing treatments from their location. With a satisfying engagement and service to patient ChARM Health can potentially take your business to new heights.

Key Features

  • Provides online-based appointment booking for healthcare professionals, clinics and hospitals.
  • Being a HIPAA compliant app, all the patients and treatments details stored are safe.
  • Excellent functionality with the integration of other tools.
  • Minimizing patient waiting time by streamlining and managing the workflow of clinics and OPD.

WiCis Health is a real-time telemedicine platform that brings the virtual hospital to patients through live streams or video consultations. Using smartphones it facilitates effective treatment with cloud-based billing systems. It also assists healthcare professionals to follow up with their patients situated at any place. Satellite technology is used to display vital signs of every patient and provide treatment accordingly through video conferencing.

Key Features

  • From pre-admission to the hospital to home care, it covers the entire workflow providing live data of the current phase.
  • Provides cloud billing ticket submissions from your smartphone device.
  • Permits you to store custom forms and show detailed information about the current treatment of patients.
  • Being a HIPAA compliant, it is a 100% secure telemedicine platform.

MendFamily is one of the best telemedicine health platform specialized for sorting problems of no show for appointments. You are now enabled for email reminders or sending text messages, permit patients to schedule at their convenient time or reschedule appointments with this efficient telemedicine platform. All these aspects bring change to the way healthcare professionals communicate with patients. Being HIPAA compliant, all patient information is kept secure.

Key Features

  • Effortless form fill-ups for patients.
  • A seamless way to connect healthcare providers to patients via video conferencing.
  • Enabled to send automated appointments reminders to patients.
  • Virtual healthcare centres can be accessed from any device.

With the experience of 15+ years in clinical treatments, AMC offers a superior telemedicine platform. Using this state of the art technology, it provides real-time patient data to assist quality treatment and play a vital role in improving today’s modern healthcare. Notably, it is the only telemedicine software which is FDA Class II cleared care management platform providing an outstanding patient experience.

Key Features

Patients situated at any locations can be educated, engaged & empowered by aiding them who have long term illness.

  • Ability to provide targeted disease education.
  • Barriers identification which can act as a hindrance to their service quality.
  • Remote patient monitoring provides the right treatment at the right time.
  • Patients follow up to address compliance issues and clarify self-reported information.

A patented telemedicine health platform, swyMed is applicable for medical professionals to monitor and treat patients from any place using real-time videos. Provides seamless video and audio calling interaction with patients to effectively overcome traditional problems. 

Key Features

  • Provides automated reminders and rescheduling of appointments.
  • Enables E-Prescribing facilitating patients to resolve their problems without visiting the practitioner.
  • Being a HIPAA compliant platform, patient information is 100% safe.
  • Can work for multiple treatment providers.
  • Online patient queues are managed easily.
  • Seamless video conferencing between healthcare professional and patient.

The Future of Telemedicine Health Platforms

Telemedicine health platforms and apps would emerge as one of the most important technologies in medical practices, as it makes it possible to treat patients effectively at low cost. Today, it may seem to be a novel approach, but very soon, telemedicine platforms will be mainstream for healthcare professionals.

As per Statista, telemedicine platforms are predicted to be valued more than $41 billion by 2021. In the future, it will be evolved to meet the advance healthcare demands of future generations.


It is a big challenge for any healthcare organization or practitioner to implement telemedicine health platform practices. Strategic planning and careful selection is the must for every telemedicine platform which can not only facilitate an excellent patient experience. A flawless telemedicine health platform and apps that are up-to-date and comply with the laws are required to run a successful healthcare business yielding expected profits.

Whatsapp Business Case Studies in India

WhatsApp Business

There are 2 billion whatsapp users out there. Your friends, family, colleagues, customers and competitors are using WhatsApp. Today we are living in a WhatsApp world. With a huge number of users, promoting your business is the key. A successful business always needs strong relationships and trust with their customers. WhatsApp Business can come up one the best marketing tool to raise your business with good engagement opportunities with your customers. Many businesses had counted their success using WhatsApp Business and still interacting in the same manner with customers. Let’s go through a bunch of successful WhatsApp business case studies in India.

Some of the Best WhatsApp Business Case Studies in India


A startup founded in 2016, aims to build e-bikes which can run on battery and be paddled. LightSpeed Mobility is also known for transforming a regular bike to ebike using electronic conversion kit. Their products are sold through 19 stores in India across 14 cities, e-commerce sites and from their own website.

For the 21 member team of LightSpeed Mobility, WhatsApp Business app proved to be the most applicable one to run and streamline business demands and operations . Activities like sales, customer engagement as well as troubleshooting service,is all done successfully through WhatsApp Business.


50 percent of their sales have been through WhatsApp business, amounting to revenue worth Rs 2.5 crore (roughly more than USD 350,000).  Till date, they have managed to connect with more than 21,000 customers on WhatsApp Business and they believed that the channel gave them an upper hand of trustworthiness.

The products sold on WhatsApp Business ranges from Rs 32,999 to Rs 1,59,999 (approximately USD 470 to USD 2,280). 24×7 service availability due to WhatsApp business is the best part. It helped them to solve customer’s concerns without any delay. Interacting with customers and when they want is an ultimate gain in customer’s confidence.


Vilva Clothings manufactures apparel based on Tamil language, culture and architecture with the brand name  The Chennai-based outfit was started in 2015 by Gopinath, and Rajasundaram came on board in 2016. Till date, they have over 590 designs and more than 7000 customers residing from India, SriLanka, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and UK. They run their business with one simple motto i.e to spread Tamil pride across the world and WhatsApp Business app helped them to achieve their heights of a successful business.


The biggest challenge for business is to reach out customers and follow up on time to solve queries asap. With the help of WhatsApp Business, they label their customers into categories and make followup calls to convert them into sales. Secondly, it was time-consuming to copy-paste content to share the same set of replies. Quick replies helped them to be more productive.

According to them, WhatsApp Business helped their sales have to grow by 30%, customer interactions by 70% and conversion of leads by 20%.


India’s problem of dealing with waste can’t be hidden. In recent years there has been a spike in awareness around this issue and even the government has introduced multiple initiatives to make the surroundings clean and to manage waste in an effective manner. But there is a platform, where one could sell all kinds of waste easily and maybe even get paid for it.

Launched in 2014,  The Kabadiwala company works on Software as Service (SaaS) based model to make a move on Smart Waste Management system.  It helps to find and map assets that streamline the collection of post-consumer waste, schedule efficient & cost-effective pickups and incorporate them into the Recycling/vendor network.


Features of WhatsApp Business mainly like broadcasting, sending automated replies, message stats, documents sharing and communicating with customers for waste pickups made “The Kabadiwala” a great system to manage waste. About 60 percent of their pickup requests come through WhatsApp Business. Also they have seen a 40 percent hike in sales after using the WhatsApp Business app.


Saffola Beat the Crave WhatsApp Campaign, designed by WATConsult, this one is the best example for WhatsApp campaign success. It was created to generate brand awareness for Saffola’s new Active Slimming Nutri-Shake and was exclusively promoted for the Indian market.

The motto was to distract unhealthy food craving with Saffola’s WhatsApp diet buddy until the craving passes. From rap music to comedy sketches, to expert advice from a celebrity nutritionist, there are several tones of a voice message that Saffola sends to help people deal with cravings in different ways.


According to WATConsult. The Beat The Crave WhatsApp campaign increased Saffola’s Nutri-Shake product sales by 483% within the first month according to WATConsult. It also revealed some interesting user preferences across India. Some WhatsApp voice messages were more popular than others, depending on the users’ region. For example, celebrity advice was preferred in Kolkata while comedic messages won out in Mumbai and Delhi.

Not surprisingly, this campaign won the ‘Best Use Of WhatsApp’ Award in 2019 and received significant media attention in India. #BeatTheCrave still remains an active interaction on WhatsApp and the microsite. A standout example for the brands which are well known and how they can leverage WhatsApp for good business.

Chizel Prints CEO Yash Rane


India is very well known as a software hub and organizations like Chizel are successfully filling the gap of on-demand manufacturing industries. A 3D printing startup, founded in 2014 by three IIT Roorkee alumni had to cope up with changing of demand from customers with today’s trends and preferences. It was soon obvious that customers wanted more options with different materials and manufacturing processes.

Chizel is a unified cloud platform that provides data-driven solutions for on-demand manufacturing using Machining, Injection moulding and 3D Printing. 3D Printing technology is new in the industry, and keeping customers updated with the latest industry trends and product development process is efficiently operated through WhatsApp business.


With the WhatsApp Business app, Chizel uses the quick replies feature to send instant replies to anyone, which helps keep customers updated and also maintains a consistent brand language.  Also embedding WhatsApp option in the mobile version of websites provide customers to reach them easily at any time.

Most importantly, WhatsApp Business over the chatbot was more applicable to nurture customers more effectively with added personal touch during our conversations. The 24/7 availability on WhatsApp made them customer-centric as well. This also helped to do justice to their brand identity.

More of WhatsApp Business Case Studies around the Globe

Cardex Autoteile employees


Repairing, restoring and servicing cars is a mainstream life in Wuppertal, Germany. The process of buying car parts in Germany was time-consuming and sometimes complicated. In August 2018, Cardex upgraded their process with WhatsApp Business app to streamline and ease this process. Adding WhatsApp Business app as its primary customer communication tool, the German auto parts retailer saw a significant increase in orders.

For Cardex, organizing orders, and responding to customers immediately, even during busy times was easy with WhatsApp Business app’s labels feature. Customers send them a picture of their vehicle’s registration document and a voice or text message asking for a car part. This way, the sales process is more robust with WhatsApp Business and such level of customer service won’t go unnoticed.


For Cardex’s, WhatsApp Business app now accounts for almost 90% of its sales, and in less than a year, more than 15,000 customer requests were received through the app and 10 orders are received via WhatsApp Business daily. Owners of Cardex hope to establish it as the go-to destination for car parts, service and even cleaning. And with the WhatsApp Business app helping them to be levels ahead from their competition, this is a more achievable goal than ever before.

Isa Lepera owner of Cupcakes by Isa


Isa Lepera switched from a law career in 2016 to launch Cupcakes by Isa, an online sweet shop based in her hometown of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. Her business has gained major popularity with American-style cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts and signature pizza brownie. The private messaging service like WhatsApp offered Isa a tool she needed to save time and stay ahead of increasing demand.


In 2018, Cupcakes by Isa sales increased by 37 per cent. Currently, she closes 60 per cent of her sales through WhatsApp Business app. The labels feature helps to sort and tag all of her orders from the minute they are placed to they are fully ready. Isa also uses the quick replies feature to handle the growing number of customer inquiries. Customers also like the convenience of interacting with Isa via WhatsApp. In 2019, Isa relocated to São Carlos, Brazil. Her top priority is to grow her business, and thanks to the WhatsApp Business app, she now has time to expand her menu and share more of her grandmother’s recipes with the world.

Digital News in Pharma and Healthcare-Week Ending 15th June

a doctor holding tab

We are here with the latest digital news in the pharma and healthcare sectors. Today we will cover the latest news from Conversa health, Celkon, HealthPlix, Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Market forecast and PathPoint software.

Conversa Health Raises $12M for AI-Powered Chatbots

Conversa plans to use the funding to scale its virtual care and communication platform. 97% of patients who have used its chatbots say they can better manage their care with Conversa. The suite provided by Conversa is used for COVID-19 Virtual Care Programs is being used by innovative organizations like UCSF Health, Northwell, UNC Health, Prisma Health and University Hospitals to provide symptom checking and triage, provide check-ins with quarantined patients, deliver lab results and screen employees, patients and visitors. 

Celkon unveils contactless healthcare products for Covid-19

Celkon had entered into various technology collaborations with leading global healthcare products manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The product range also includes modern ultraviolet light-enabled sterilizers, wireless charging disinfection boxes for disinfecting personal items, aerial disinfection equipment, and electrostatic spray guns, among others.

JSW Ventures leads Series B funding in health-tech startup HealthPlix

HealthPlix is one of the health-tech ventures in the past months to attract investor attention as they seek to augment existing healthcare systems with the use of technology and increase access to healthcare. The EMR software reduces a considerable amount of time and digitizes overall clinical operations and treatment methodologies.

 Pharma and Healthcare social media market forecast

Pharma and Healthcare social media market research study offers a comprehensive evaluation of the Market and comprises a future trend, current growth factors, focused opinions, details, and industry certified market data.

Pathpoint software support for critically ill Covid patients

A new piece of software is helping clinical teams at Northwick Park & Ealing Hospitals monitor and track the progress of Covid-19 patients in intensive care. The software allows large numbers of patients to be tracked with up-to-date handover information immediately available to clinical staff during shift changes and the ability to group patients into cohorts based on their fluctuating health needs.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals 2020

digitization in hospital

Keeping up with the modern trend is the must thing nowadays. Including businesses and professions in pharmacy, doctors and hospitals are focusing majorly on digital spaces. As of 2020, the number of Internet users in India are more than 500 Millions. This means that most of your hospital’s patients and potential patient’s can be reached and communicated with, effectively on the internet. The best part is that marketing online is that you have full control and are enabled to apply your tactics whenever needed. There are digital marketing strategies for hospitals that really work today. Lets deep dive straight into digital marketing strategies for hospitals which will provide you with great results.

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals


apollo hospital website

For a hospital’s online presence, a fully functional website is a vital thing. Hospitals can give insights and showcase various facilities provided, services and specialized in. The more information you can give patients about your hospital, the more trustworthy they feel in using your hospital services. 

Having a responsive website is the most important thing in the digital world. A website that loads quickly, filled with user intent information and optimized on both desktop and mobile.

Search Engine Marketing

ads on search result page

Search Engine Marketing is a channel that is unavoidable for hospitals. The traffic generated by other search engines is minimal as compared to Google. Focus on making a top appearance on Google search results. SEM is a paid advertising method to get a top position on a search engine for your desired set of keywords (search terms). Google offers this feature through their search advertising platform called Google Ads . Hospitals can target search terms related to locations, specialties, treatment options etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

google search on orthopedic hospitals near me

Organic method of gaining top spot on search results is by search engine optimization. It needs tactical and specialized practices to optimize your website for SEO friendly and better search ranking. In terms of redirecting quality traffic, SEO stays ahead of SEM. But unlike SEM, SEO requires time to reflect results on the search engine. Just like SEM, we can find and target keywords based on location, specialties, treatments offered etc.

For business directory listing, you can start from Google My Business for local SEO results. As of Google My Business, it also acts as a place to collect customer reviews for your hospital which can contribute to your online reputation. SEO works by creating quality content and building site authority. This is dependent on a lot of aspects. Other than keywords, there are on-page SEO practices that you need to get right.

Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand when it comes to making it on top for search results. The page is ranked when users find it useful and have full information which they were looking for. So a major part of the focus in digital marketing should be paid to content marketing. Good content can add a valued mean to consumer search. Once a piece of content on your hospital is found applicable, it helps to build authenticity on your services and positive reputation.

Hospitals have the ability to talk about a wide range of health topics that a consumer will find helpful. Create informative/educative videos about your field of practice and share them on various channels. Write detailed blogs about different remedies and how you can cure them. And the best part is that hospitals have access to the best doctors in the field, who can write content. If presented in an efficient manner these topics can gain you more audience and good results on ranking.

Social Media

facebook ad

Some of the best hospitals in the world, have their social media strategies done right. A survey states that a significant amount of the time someone spends on the internet is spent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So this is one of the best ways to engage and communicate with users on the internet, by creating engaging posts and offering a chance for people to share their views.

A good practice is to combine social media with content marketing. Hospitals can use the social media platform to promote by boosting posts to targeted audiences. And also share content regarding health issues or promote services that social media users can find very useful.

Email Marketing

email marketing for donations

Email Marketing is one powerful method to be in touch with your audience. It also compliments content marketing in a great way. When you have interesting content on your website, it is easy to get visitors to your website. But that’s not all, you can turn these website visitors into email subscribers by offering them a free lead magnet. This can be a free download like an ebook, checklist or something that adds value.

Once you convert each of your website visitors into email subscribers, it is easy for you to reach them again whenever you want to. This can be automated with drip email campaigns and triggered emails to save a lot of time and prevent mistakes.

Email marketing, unlike social media, is more personal and has the best ROI. You can send informative content, special treatment package offers, updates about your hospital specialties etc. to your email list.


chatbot on website

Chatbots have massive potential for successful implementation across the healthcare sector and patients today are taking control of their healthcare choices more than ever before, demanding greater convenience and easy access to information.

3 in 4 people interact with chatbots to know more about services, and more than 57 % do so regularly. Attracting and retaining patients in this environment requires improving each digital touchpoint for patients, both before and after their visit.

Chatbots for hospitals are particularly important for booking appointments, service bookings, care management. It also automates some of the hospital operations which burden the care teams like frontline care, follow on care and timely assistance to prevent ER. Most significantly it engages patients on the web, phone lines or social media.

Digital Marketing for Doctors & Physician in 2020

Digital Marketing for Doctors & Physician in 2020

Digital Marketing for Doctors and Physician in 2020

Digital marketing is packed with many online aspects such as search engine optimization, well optimized website, tactical use of social media platforms to reach out till maximum audience. Today,more and more health or medical practices have started to place emphasis on digital marketing. This is mainly because marketing online can help you reach your target audience much faster and with better results. Digital marketing for doctors and physicians includes keywords rich blog posts, email marketing campaigns, SEO friendly website, social media optimization. 


If all these modules are well perfected it can help you level up your business with better sales. In order to get the best return on investment and great online results every doctor needs digital marketing in its plans. Let’s have a look at the strategies of digital marketing for doctors to get more audience and better output.

Strategies of Digital Marketing for Doctors

Easy to Navigate Website

Strategies of Digital Marketing for doctors

The most basic thing to have an online presence is a website. Digital marketing without a website is the same as pizza without cheese. Build a website which is simple and easy to navigate for the page visitor. Be it booking an appointment or reading a blog or knowing some medical treatment. Keep it fully accessible and handy for page visitors. Make sure that your website user interface should be simple and user friendly both on desktop and mobile.

SEO Benefits for Doctors & Physicians

A proper SEO can be beneficial for doctors to maximize their online search results and make it a brand out of itself. For example, if someone is searching on Google for “Doctors near me” local doctors clinics will be shown on search results. The top searches conclude that they had better SEO tactics and implementation than others to be shown up on top result and which also provides more exposure to customers.

Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media for Doctors

The main benefits of social media for doctors are that they get to stay in touch with their clients and they can also reach new people who may be interested in seeing the medical provider. Doctors can boost their post in order to gain more reach, which in the end, will provide even more value and returns for these targeted marketing efforts. Just make a note that Ads must not contain “before-and-after” images or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results. Ad content must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss, or other health-related products. Know more about Facebook ads policy. 

In terms of organic ways, doctors can share more medication ideas or relevant medicine benefits and even advice for good health through social media. Social media is known for interaction with your audience. Having a live session is the best interaction to solve your audience queries. It can be an add on advantage of using stories features on Whatsapp and Instagram to convey your message and tips about health. Social media marketing is also a very inexpensive technique when compared to other types of marketing.

Email Marketing

email marketing example for doctors

Patients are the one who is always in need of information and opinions. And email marketing is the best tool to keep them informed constantly about various medical things. How good is it if a patient finds a piece of needy information right in the inbox without even searching it? Well, planning email newsletters twice a week can bring the best result for the doctor.

Launching personalized emails to targeted audiences is also a wise idea. This will make them receive relevant information every time. Keep in mind to plan the email marketing campaigns well in advance.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Being a doctor and if you are concerned about potential reach and growth, you can trust heavily on Google’s pay-per-click advertisements. It enables you to display ads on certain keywords that you have targeted. This allows you to avoid the general public and target your preferred audience. Make sure to use the terminologies and search terms that your patients will use while searching. While setting up for paid searches one should go through all the policies and given constraints. Here are the Google Ads Policies and advertising policies on healthcare and medicines.

Write Blogs Regularly

Doctors Blogs example

This acts as a bridge between you and your patients. Writing blogs on a regular basis can help in the increasing volume of the patients. Create content that users want to read and they will share. Writing blogs is not about writing anything, write something related recent update in your expertise area.

You can also share various experiences of the patients that you have come across. If you are writing about some serious disease then make sure that you make it such that the patients won’t be scared or worried after reading it. Say if you are writing about cancer then make sure you mention about keeping strong willpower to fight with it.

Produce your own videos

Doctors are always busy due to their work schedules. But in order to have a good reputation and a face value in the market, they have to use such tactics. Create videos that are engaging and informative. Audience these days are turning towards visual content, so give them that. If for instance, an orthopedic surgeon talks about bone health and shares his or her expertise with the audience, the audience will find it interesting.


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