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SEO Careers in India : A primer

SEO Careers in India  A primer Video Transcription : Skills required for a successful SEO career Right so we will be talking about careers in search engine optimization or SEO and we’ll be talking about the skills of prerequisites required,  various roles available in agencies and companies, what are your professional career options which are […]

Latest errors announced by Facebook in the ad metrics reporting

This video is about the two new error that have been observed in the Facebook ad metrics. It must be remembered that this is not the first time that such announcements have been made by Facebook Ads in Facebook Instant Articles The first thing is the instant articles bit which are the articles  where viewers can reach out to publisher content […]

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Top Social Media Optimization and Marketing Jobs in Ahmedabad – Updated on 3rd february 2016

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing technique to promote your brand or company on social media websites. It is basically branding and reaching out to the consumers on social media. It involves posts or blogs on particular accounts of your company. Regular updates about your brand and product on social media platform gains traffic […]

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Top Social Media Optimization and Marketing Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 2nd february 2016

  With increasing appearance of people in the digital world, Scope of digital marketing is taking up its pace giving a boost in demand of social media marketing jobs. These social media jobs are on its verge and can be categorized in two broader categories that is Social Media Marketing(SMM) and Social Media Optimization(SMO). Technically […]

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Top Social Media Optimization and Marketing Jobs in Pune – Updated on 31st January 2016

Social Media Marketing refers to manipulation of content on social media platform. This content is then posted on respective social media accounts. The whole idea behind this is to be updated about your brand online. This practice gathers traffic and hits on your web which influences people to look after your brand. Brand awareness and […]

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