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Advanced SEO techniques are SEO techniques (both on-page and off-page optimization) that require a considerable degree of expert knowledge. At Learning Catalyst we provide an in-depth Advanced SEO course for participants with Advance tool usage and How to generate traffic and rank on the high competitive keyword.

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Scope of Advanced SEO

  • Application of SEO for E-commerce website and ranking for highly competitive keywords
  • Ranking and increasing sales through organic methods in highly competitive industries like insurance and sales.  
  • Dominating Organic search results relating to your product and brand.
  • Google Algorithm Updates

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Latest Trend in Advanced SEO

  • Artificial Intelligence innovations technology will change the way we communicate with online content, and there could be a huge change in the way Google functions as a search engine. This is one of the biggest trends in SEO.
  • Voice search will dominate search and provide more localized results.
  • Featured snippets will continue to dominate search results

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Career path In Advanced SEO

  • An SEO professional is a person who is skilled in studying and understanding the results of the search engine algorithms so that he/she can help companies accordingly. Here are the possible job profiles:

  • E-commerce SEO
  • Advance SEO tool expert
  • SEO Expert
  • Brand SEO management  

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Our Credentials

  • Our Alumni
  • Corporate Training

Our Industry Faculty


Client Champion and Partner at Web-StepUp


CEO – LatestLY | Digital Marketing & Content Strategist

Deep Mehta

Founder @ DigiChefs – Growth Focused Digital Marketing Solutions

Course Content

  • Importance of SEO in online advertising
  • What you need to know about websites before you start optimizing them

  • Understanding Search engines
  • What is SEO? Why is it important?
  • SEO Myths
  • White hat vs. black hat SEO
  • An overview of SEO & the related terms
  • Challenges in a SEO project
  • Key Metrics
  • Search engine ranking factors
  • Page Rank algorithm
  • Optimizing pages
  • Optimizing Content

  • Search Engine relevancy Algorithms
  • Basic differences between the way Google, Yahoo and MSN ranks web pages.
  • Indexing & Crawling Basics
  • Optimizing Crawl Budget

  • Finding Seed Keywords: Mind Map for Keyword Research
  • Using Wikipedia, Forums for Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research Process – Identify Seed Keywords, Collect Metrics, Map Keywords
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Algorithm Updates
  • History of Google Algorithms
  • Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Caffeine updates
  • RankBrain and the Future of SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tags & meta description
  • Heading Tags & Alt Tags
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing
  • User experience
  • Semantics

  • Basics of Google Analytics
  • SEO Metrics to Measure – On-page, Off-page, Technical
  • SEO Reporting

  • Backlinks
  • Link Building
  • All off page link building techniques
  • Advanced link building methods
  • Skyscraper technique
  • The broken link building technique
  • Moving manhole technique
  • What is a backlink profile?
  • what are Toxic backlinks?
  • What is the disavow procedure?
  • Do’s & Don’ts in link building activities

  • Details of how the algorithm weighs off-page factors.Best Practices of off-page optimization.Social media influence on off-page.

  • Google toolset (keyword planner, search console)
  • SEM Rush, Uber suggest, Google search console, Etc

  • How to quickly do a mini-audit of the SEO of an existing site
  • Review of the elements of the on-page optimization and their relative importance
  • How is SEO implemented in CMS packages
  • Common SEO mistakes
  • How is usability and information architecture linked to SEO

  • SEO tech issues
  • News Article SEO
  • Advance SEO tools
  • Voice optimization
  • Unethical SEO practices
  • Local SEO

  • How to arrive at the ‘brief’ for SEO copywriting
  • Why should one stay away from black hat techniques
  • Studying competition and the category to get ideas

  • How to make a SEO Maintenance Plan
  • How to study Analytics data and get inputs from there for the plan

  • Top Blogs to follow for SEO
  • Free Learning Resources – Moz, Google Analytics
  • A career in SEO

  • Summary of algorithm changes in the last 2 years

  • How to quickly do a mini-audit of the SEO of an existing site. Review of the elements of the on-page optimization and their relative importance. How is SEO implemented in CMS packages. Common on-page SHow to set up processes for a team.Approaches to be taken for different types of clients and projects. Reporting best practices

  • Of sites where good SEO has been done.Of sites having problems like not getting indexed, not getting ranked, etc.

  • What is EAT
  • Importance of EAT
  • Google EAT Rating
  • EAT & YMYL
  • Google search quality evaluator guidelines
  • Quality for Web Pages & Content

Tools Covered

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