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Advance SEO for Digital Publishers

This program has been devised for the following professionals from Digital Publishers
  • Editorial Teams and Content Marketing Professionals
  • Product Heads and Brand Managers
  • Founders of start-ups in new media
  • Management Teams
Key Outcomes
  • Learn how to leverage the increased usage of digital media in the current pandemic environment.
  • Get hands-on detailed knowledge about the various tactics that can be used for organic content distribution on search and social media
  • Get insights into the best approaches for making top ranking content on Google News
  • Learn how to align your Website and Youtube Content Programming to the market demand
  • Access to a specially prepared online ready reckoner for Digital Publishers. This will have ideas, case studies, competition research approach, market research approach and recommendation of the best tools for implementing digital marketing.

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Our Industry Faculty


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Course Content

  • Leveraging the increase in time spent online
  • Researching on audience behavior in the last 4 months
  • More consumers paying for news and other digital content
  • Content Buckets which have seen an uplift
  • Setting business and traffic goals for the next 2 years

  • How to develop an internal system which puts out the right content at the right time
  • Tool Insight: Google Trends, Twitter Trends and others paid tools
  • Researching on interest for a particular topic

  • Ranking on Youtube vs Ranking on Google
  • Best practices while building trending and Evergreen content

  • How to decide the number of stories for a certain topic
  • Role of Multimedia content
  • Showcasing Live Events
  • SEO Safeguards with regards to Syndication.

  • Change in the factors of organic reach across platforms
  • New formats which are resulting in good reach for publishers

  • It's 2020-  Is there something called writing for search engines? 🙂
  • Guidelines for internal linking and external linking
  • CTR related discussion

  • SEO Algorithm Update
  • Facebook News Feed Updates
  • Going beyond Google: Podcasts, Others News aggregator apps
  • Syndication best practices
  • Role of Voice
  • Role of Meta Tags 

  • UX tweaks which have a big impact
  • Driving Engagement: Re-Circulation, Content Recommendation, Comments
  • Page Structures which yields better user retention 
  • Working on Site speed from an SEO perspective

  • Hosted and Mobile-specific Article Formats
  • App Store Optimization

  • Overview of the Google analytics console: Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversions and Real-time
  • Basic metrics explained
  • Website audience research
  • Main reports at an individual and team level
  • Making a dashboard to track the main metrics
  • Overview of the new Search Console News Metrics

  • The right way to think about international audiences
  • Targeting international search and social traffic
  • SEO best practices when it comes to Multi-Lingual Content

  • Approaches in the current environment
  • New products which can help
  • How programmatic should you go 
  • Adsense Do's and Dont's
  • Discovery platforms like Revcontent, outbrain and Taboola

Tools Covered


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