Mobile Marketing case study – One Missed Call by Wheels

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We’re going to be discussing what we can learn from this mobile marketing case study which is actually a very good case study because this is FMCG one and typically FMCG banking and attainment these are categories which is really used mobile marketing to the hilt right so they tend to come up with the most innovative ideas when it comes to mobile marketing and this is a good case that suggests.

Let’s look at what this India’s leading laundry detergent we known for delivering more washes at a lower cost was struggling to connect in rural areas where consumers are extremely frugal and electronic media simply didn’t reach this frugality extends even to the way people in these areas use their mobile phones instead of calling someone and paying for the call if it connects the practice of giving someone a missed call has become popular use this place a call but hang up before the receiver answers displaying that number and signaling they want to call back but incurring no cost the practice is widespread and seen as a savvy way to save money this was our opportunity we linked the act of giving someone a missed call and being clever saving money that’s just one point your which is it’s interesting that how this marketing campaign try to rally around a very common use of behavior which is this it’s very common especially in the smaller towns and rural areas to give a missed call to someone to try and save money so that the other person actually calls back it’s interesting that this campaign actually tried to piggyback on this and whenever a campaign tries to piggyback on other user behavior which is which is very prevalent.

It’s always a successful one we invited consumers to give a missed call to a toll-free number the caller then received a call back from Bollywood star Salman Khan especially popular with viral masses sharing a pre-recorded joke and a message reinforcing the brand’s value proposition the recordings encourage consumers to share the number with their friends and call as many times as they liked to hear up to 30 different messages each in the language of their region and all free of charge the campaign was promoted in print on radio so a couple of things here one is you know this was this is a slightly dated case study so we are talking about a Miss call campaign and today if a brand was to have similar objectives then of whatsapp campaign is a powerful alternative to a missed call campaign because whatsapp today is very prevalent right its people from smaller towns everyone’s on whatsapp in fact whatsapp user pays even more than Facebook user base in the country.

Today if a brand that similar objectives instead of a missed call campaign it would do of whatsapp campaign so instead of saying give a give a missed call on such number. It would actually say send a whatsapp to this number because again here it’s practical of free right so so that’s one point with outbound calls and SMS is at the point of sale and true Hindustan Unilever spurring outreach programs by identifying and tapping into a local. So this is an important point also and thought we should quickly tell you that the typically mobile marketing campaigns are supplemented by a plain television, radio and similarly here also wheels the campaign was supplemented by all of these and even the local outreach relevant we both efficiently and effectively connected with consumers otherwise difficult to reach through traditional media we received over 18.2 million missed calls from over 2.6 million yes so that’s about it this was the missed call mobile marketing case study we’ll be sharing a lot more of such insight into case studies very soon thank you.

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