WhatsApp verified business account rolled out in India | What we know about this so far.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone so today morning I received a message on WhatsApp from to make my trip verified business account so today’s quick video is going to be what is a WhatsApp verified business account and what is this really all about.

If you go to the WhatsApp side there is a small FAQ which says that the green badge next to the contacts name confirms that this is a verified business account and WhatsApp business is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program so it’s interesting that this is already rolled out in India and as you can see MakeMyTrip seems to be one of the first set of users who are piloting this program.

If you go to the TechCrunch site there is a news update on this fact that WhatsApp is testing verified business accounts way back on 30th August so yes it is happening and how will businesses use it. The first use is customer service which is what happened when because I just booked a ticket on MakeMyTrip and I immediately got a message on WhatsApp from the MakeMyTrip verified the business account.

So customer service yes but what consumers are feeling that a lot of cold marketing could potentially happen on WhatsApp which could be very irritating and that’s what WhatsApp has to guard against. so a verified account would mean that their certain privileges associated with it because the WhatsApp message that was sent was sent automatically to me without me really asking for the message to be sent on whatsapp and the other bit are that there is an element of trust associated with dealing with a verified business account.
So let’s see how this pans out in the next few months we’ll all get to know more about this.
Thank you.

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