Web Analytics / Google Analytics Jobs in Pune – Updated on 11th November 2015


Web analytics or Google analytics refers to tools and processes where website traffic and other web related data are analysed. Then, this analysed web info will be used to assess the productivity of certain online marketing strategies, as well as what methods one might use to improve traffic. The one who does this is often called a web analyst, but sometimes also a digital marketing analyst. At other times, a post might be more specific, like an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyst, PPC (i.e., Pay Per Click advertising) analyst, or SEM analyst. No matter what the particular designation might be named though, a Web Analyst basically does the same thing in each role: Analyse the website and traffic data and give a report on the presumed results and statistics. It is with these reports that the next strategy of digital marketing is improved, maintained, or changed.

The scope of digital marketing in India has risen by leaps and bounds recently. And a lot of major cities are now churning out related jobs in this field by a dozen.

Pune is one of those cities where the digital marketing job opportunities and the various digital marketing job types have increased recently. In fact, the digital marketing job trends occurring right now look really promising. So, if you live in Pune and are looking for a job in web (or Google) analytics, use the following links that will help you to find a couple of web analytics jobs in Pune and thus give shape to your career as a web or Google analyst.


Vodafone India Limited


Vodafone India Limited is the country’s 2nd biggest mobile network operator. (Airtel takes first place as India’s largest mobile network operator.) Vodafone has bases and branches all over India, and it easily boasts of more than a 100 million customers. This mobile network operator’s mobile services range from prepaid and post-paid mobile plans, as well as Internet packs via Wi-Fi, Broadband and Internet Dongles. Currently, they have openings for the post of Web Analytics Manager in the company. For more details, check out the job link click here


Zymr Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Zymr Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a web solutions and web development company that helps businesses function effectively and smoothly online. The company has a base in Pune. Their main services are cloud and mobile competencies. Currently, the firm has openings for the post of Web Analytics Consultant in the company. Get more information about this opening  click here


M R Services


M R Services is a services and solutions company that offers a wide range of products and services. Some of these product and services include web services, SEO services, business services, etc. Presently, the company has job openings in Pune for the post of (Web) Marketing Analyst. For more information about this post, click here


Allegis Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Allegis Services India Pvt. Ltd. is a staffing and talent acquisition firm. It is part of the Allegis Group. It has a base out of Pune. Their services include recruitment and staffing services for both temporary and permanent talents. At the moment, this company has great job openings for the post of Web Analytic Consultant. You can find more details about this job click here


Everest Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Everest Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing services company that offers the full range of services involved in online marketing. Company’s headquarters is in Pune. SEO, PPC advertising, and SEM fall under the main skillsets and services of this business entity. And, at the moment, this business unit has job openings available for the post of Web (PPC/SEM) Analyst. You can get more information about this job click here




Brainstorm – also known as “Brainstorm Force” – is an Information Technology (IT) company that is based out of Pune. Web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), app development, web development, and other similar web related services are what this company offers its clients. Currently, they have job openings for the post of Web (PPC) Analyst in their company. You can find more information about the same click here




Sokrati is a renowned advertising technology and web analytics company. It is a Google partner in India and has a base in Pune. Sokrati’s main function is driving users to advertisers online. They employ and offer services for a variety of digital marketing techniques – both paid and organic promotion methods. Currently, they have openings available for the post of (Web) Data Analyst in the company. You can find out more about these openings click here 



Maxnet Technologies


Maxnet Technologies is a staffing and software development company at its very core. The services they offer include data analyst services, business intelligence and other business solutions services, as well as financial services, among others. The company is also known for its web and mobile app development services. And at the moment, this firm has openings for posts relating to the role of Web Analytics in the company. You can get more information about this job click here


Jade Global


Jade Global is an IT systems and solutions company.  The company’s primary focus is offering consultancy services to their clients first. And then the company provides them the required IT solutions that are necessary for the growth and success of the client’s business. Some of the company’s main services include technology services, portal and content management services, product engineering services, QA, software testing services, etc. At the moment, this firm has openings for the post of Digital Marketing (Web) Analyst in the company. You can get more information about this job click here