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Get a Jump-Start on Web/Google AnalyticsJobs in Bangalore – Updated on 17th October 2015


Web Analytics jobs, which are also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs, concerns analysing digital data using web analytics tools. This is so the respective insights and effectiveness of various digital marketing strategies are brought to light and can then be manipulated for better effectiveness. (Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used web analysis tools in this job.)

There is a wonderful range of digital web analytics jobs in Bangalore, as well as all the other kinds of jobs one can find in the field of digital marketing. Being the bustling and happening city it is, it is also obviously making sure to keep up with global marketing standards. And despite the reach and scope of digital marketing jobs in India still being in the nascent stage of growth, Bangalore residents will find the range of jobs already available in this sector exhilarating.

So, if you live in Bangalore and want to start a career in web analytics, use the following links to get a jump-start:


IBM India


IBM India is a service solutions company and is one of the most renowned companies in its field. This company’s main distinction is that its services stretch over a wide variety of industries, like healthcare, finance, education, IT, etc. And they offer consultancy, research, and technological services as well. Currently, they have openings available for the post of Digital/Web Analytics Consultant in the company. You can find out more about these openings click here



 Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd.


Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd. (or HP, as it is better known) is a renowned IT company. HP deals with post technological and electronic solutions and products related to the information technology industry, and it also deals with web related solutions like analytics services. Networking, software, personal computers, digital storage devices, etc., are some of the many facets that HP deals in. Presently, the company has job openings in Bangalore for the post of Web Analytics Specialist. For more information about this post, click here



Antuit is a leading data analysis business entity. One of the company’s main bases is in Bangalore. Antuit acts as a consulting firm for business solutions and insights by primarily focusing of data analytics. Marketing and sales, and the related analytics services, are the main areas of Antuit’s services for its clients.

Currently, they have openings for the post of Web Analytics Data Scientist in their company. For more details, check out the job link, click here


Nabler Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Nabler Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the web and digital analytics industry. This company primarily focuses on retrieving web solutions for its clients. Their main point of attention is the customized web technology solutions they provide their clients, and their state of the art technology utilized in delivering these services.Currently, the firm has openings for the post of Web Analytics Implementation Manager in the company. Get more information about this opening, click here




Qykapp, or QYK, is an IT solutions firm that was started to find solutions for hiring service providers. It is a relatively young company and a startup, but it has great potential within the current technological era. It was founded by those with IIT specialisations.At the moment, this company has great job openings for the post of Analytics Marketing Manager. You can find more details about this job click here.


I Love Diamonds


I Love Diamonds (or ILoveDiamonds or ILD) is a branch that grew from the House of Khwaahish. The House of Khwaahish is a trendy jewellery store and collection. And, as the name ILD indicates, this branch mainly deals with jewellery designs that includes diamond designs and stones. The website, that is, ilovediamonds.com, is an online store for the same. And the designs are primarily South Indian in their style. Presently, the company has job openings available for the post of Web Analytics Executive on their team. For more information about this post, click here


Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a data collection and data analysis business entity. Their main services thus include collecting, measuring, and analysing data for businesses in order to give them useful insights (into their respective business). Ugam Solutions has branches in a variety of places in India. Right now, the firm has great openings for the post of Web Analytics Professional in the company. You can check out the details of this job, click here


Varite India Pvt. Ltd.


Varite India Pvt. Ltd is a business technology solutions firm. The company’s main purpose is to find solutions for business technology challenges and coax out latent technologies and talents in the business. The company makes it a point to keep up with the ever-changing technology trends in the market. And, at the moment, this business entity has job openings available for posts relating to Digital/Web Analytics. You can get more information about this job click here


Langoor Digital Pvt. Ltd.


Langoor Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a digital agency, and hence comes into the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Brand building for businesses is one of the company’s main purposes. Building a business’s marketing strategy, campaigns, ecommerce platforms, and web systems (and much more) make up the biggest chunk of Langoor’s services. Currently, they have job openings for the post of Digital Marketing Analyst in their company. You can find more information about the same click here



iQuanti Inc.


iQuanti Inc. is a digital marketing company, thereby falling under the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore.The company deals in data collection, analytics tools, technology and web-based tools, digital data, and digital marketing strategies. In a nutshell, all their services move towards utilizing digital data for better results.At the moment, this firmhas openings for the post of Digital Analyst in the company. You can get more information about this job click here