Mobile Marketing case study – One Missed Call by Wheels

Video Transcription

We’re going to be discussing what we can learn from this mobile marketing case study which is actually a very good case study because this is FMCG one and typically FMCG banking and attainment these are categories which is really used mobile marketing to the hilt right so they tend to come up with the most innovative ideas when it comes to mobile marketing and this is a good case that suggests.

Let’s look at what this India’s leading laundry detergent we known for delivering more washes at a lower cost was struggling to connect in rural areas where consumers are extremely frugal and electronic media simply didn’t reach this frugality extends even to the way people in these areas use their mobile phones instead of calling someone and paying for the call if it connects the practice of giving someone a missed call has become popular use this place a call but hang up before the receiver answers displaying that number and signaling they want to call back but incurring no cost the practice is widespread and seen as a savvy way to save money this was our opportunity we linked the act of giving someone a missed call and being clever saving money that’s just one point your which is it’s interesting that how this marketing campaign try to rally around a very common use of behavior which is this it’s very common especially in the smaller towns and rural areas to give a missed call to someone to try and save money so that the other person actually calls back it’s interesting that this campaign actually tried to piggyback on this and whenever a campaign tries to piggyback on other user behavior which is which is very prevalent.

It’s always a successful one we invited consumers to give a missed call to a toll-free number the caller then received a call back from Bollywood star Salman Khan especially popular with viral masses sharing a pre-recorded joke and a message reinforcing the brand’s value proposition the recordings encourage consumers to share the number with their friends and call as many times as they liked to hear up to 30 different messages each in the language of their region and all free of charge the campaign was promoted in print on radio so a couple of things here one is you know this was this is a slightly dated case study so we are talking about a Miss call campaign and today if a brand was to have similar objectives then of whatsapp campaign is a powerful alternative to a missed call campaign because whatsapp today is very prevalent right its people from smaller towns everyone’s on whatsapp in fact whatsapp user pays even more than Facebook user base in the country.

Today if a brand that similar objectives instead of a missed call campaign it would do of whatsapp campaign so instead of saying give a give a missed call on such number. It would actually say send a whatsapp to this number because again here it’s practical of free right so so that’s one point with outbound calls and SMS is at the point of sale and true Hindustan Unilever spurring outreach programs by identifying and tapping into a local. So this is an important point also and thought we should quickly tell you that the typically mobile marketing campaigns are supplemented by a plain television, radio and similarly here also wheels the campaign was supplemented by all of these and even the local outreach relevant we both efficiently and effectively connected with consumers otherwise difficult to reach through traditional media we received over 18.2 million missed calls from over 2.6 million yes so that’s about it this was the missed call mobile marketing case study we’ll be sharing a lot more of such insight into case studies very soon thank you.

Catalyst Verdict Update for Digital Marketing Jobs (10th – 17th April 2015)

Round up of the best jobs in the Industry

ResultrixThe first catalyst verdict update for Digital Marketing jobs is Resultrix. Resultrix is end-to-end interactive agency with a pay-for-performance search model supported by an award winning creative team. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, it has presence in Mumbai & Singapore. Their pay for performance model is well renowned and received accolades as well. SEM, SEO, SMM & Affiliate marketing are their core services with in depth analytics solutions. Corbis Corporation, Yahoo, Airtel, Cleartrip, Max Bupa, Standard Charted, Emirates NBD are their regular clientele. They have job opportunities for SEO, SEM and Online Media Planner at Mumbai & Delhi Offices.  Know More

ebrandzNext on our list is eBrandz which has been adjudged as the best SEO service providers in the world by Digit Magazine. Their mission is to provide affordable cutomised services without compromising their core values. From being one point of contact for all your SEO needs, eBrandz is aiming to offer complete digital marketing solutions to their clients. They have an in house opening for PPC & SEO Manager in Mumbai.  Know More

The chopras Digital marketing job in delhiDigital marketing cut across domains, our next update is a proof of that. The Chopras are one of India’s largest and most successful global education companies. It offers integrated view of the opportunities available in the education and study abroad domain worldwide. They have recently started a flagship service – called ‘India Connect’ – that facilitates the seamless entry of overseas institutions into the Indian market and assists the establishment of a permanent presence in country. Currently they are looking Digital marketing Executives for senior as well as junior positions in Delhi.  Know More

Mayflower effective communticationTranslation and Localization firm Mayflower Language Services Pvt. Ltd. delivers quality customer service through medium of translation and language services. They translate documents, localize product user interfaces, documentation, websites, e-learning courses, test applications and websites, and provide voiceovers, subtitling, multilingual e-mail support and media research. They are looking for a digital marketer with 1-3yrs of experience to manage their websites and devise strategies to increase impressions for the company.Know More

31west Global ServicesOur final update is for PPC specialist on a part time basis. 31West Global Services are a help desk & call centre outsourcing firm based in Bangalore. Its happy client list includes McDonalds, Terradotta, Overplay and many more.  They service clients in Financial Services, Technology, Health care, Communications, Ecommerce & Retail industries across the globe. So latch on this part time opportunity quickly.Know More

Top 12 Networking Don’ts For a Career In Digital Marketing

Top 12 Networking Don’ts For a Career In Digital Marketing

When you’re looking for your next job or project, networking should be an extremely active verb. Casting a net, making contacts, giving and receiving advice. While there’s always a little luck and serendipity involved, the “working” part of networking is real and serves as the foundation that’ll make your next career move possible.
Done right, networking is well worth the time, but done wrong, it could undermine all of your efforts and seriously hurt you professionally. Here are the top twelve “DON’Ts” of networking:

1) Don’t be unprepared.
You should always know your elevator pitch, how to answer questions about your career goals and what steps you’re taking to get there. Carry your business cards with you at all times. Keep your web presence active and up-to-date with your most recent work. Have a current resume, and update it regularly. You never know when a great opportunity will present itself, but you can make sure you’ll be ready when it does!

2) Don’t be inconsistent.
Some people network like crazy for a few days and then stop. You need to keep up your momentum and not let your efforts go to waste. A contact might even take offense if you reach out and then they don’t hear from you for awhile. You don’t want to lose the great people you’ve worked hard to connect with. Think of networking as a job that requires everyday attention and constant diligence.

3) Don’t be uninformed.
You can easily take yourself out of the game if you seem unaware of current trends or current events. Brush up on what’s going on in your business and understand what the implications are for you, both pro and con. Find a handful of reputable industry blogs and spend a few minutes with them every day. Staying current will help to show what a valuable resource you can be to your connections.

4) Don’t be self-centered.
Networking is a two-way street, and gets better results when you see it that way. Don’t just talk about yourself, you also need to ask questions and listen. Remember the people you’re networking with have their own career goals and agendas. Sharing connections, opportunities and ideas is the right way to build a solid foundation for your network.

5) Don’t be a pest.
There’s a not-so-fine line between staying top of mind and becoming an annoyance. You can’t overwhelm someone with calls, emails, samples, and expect they won’t get annoyed. If you come on too strong, you will scare your contacts off. Better to play it cool, make yourself known, ask questions, offer help to others when you can, check in every now and then and build bridges that you can use over your entire career.

6) Don’t be closed off.
Be open to all possibilities and advice you gather from others. If your fixed agenda is to find a job doing X at company Y, you might succeed, but you might also miss a much better opportunity to do A at company B. Really listen to what people have to say. Getting input and fresh insights from others is one of the main benefits of good networking.

7) Don’t forget to stay classy on social.
It’s terrific if your LinkedIn profile shows what a great asset you are and is bursting with recommendations and endorsements, but if your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles show you funneling beer or openly complaining about your boss and company, you’ve possibly just turned off a valuable connection. If you do have anything you wouldn’t want a professional contact to see, make sure all your security settings on those profiles ensure no one outside of your personal circle can access your information.

8) Don’t be too easy.

Everyone knows someone with thousands of online “friends” and stacks of collected business cards. But sometimes, people mistake the numbers as the ends, not the means. The goal isn’t to collect the most cards, it’s to find an opportunity where you can thrive. If all those so-called connections aren’t really meaningful, what are they really worth? Better to have a smaller number of genuine contacts and to work with them in a more focused way.

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9) Don’t be disorganized.
Who did you contact, what did they say and what were the next steps? You should know this for every single person in your network. Don’t let opportunity slip through the cracks. Whether you use a database, spreadsheet, note cards, etc., find an organizational method that works for you and helps you keep track of all your networking efforts.

10) Don’t be rude.
Seems obvious, we know, but there are subtle ways to be rude that you might not even realize you’re doing. Not following up in a timely manner, saying you’ll call and not following through, interrupting someone when they’re speaking, not making eye contact or scanning the room, asking for help or advice and not taking it without acknowledging why. These are all easy fixes and can make or break your networking success.

11) Don’t be ungrateful.
No one likes people who use others to get ahead. If anyone does you any kind of favor, meets up with you to chat or even spends just a minute answering your questions, be sure to thank them for their assistance and their time. They didn’t have to…but they did. If you don’t show gratitude, you risk leaving a negative impression. Send a short note, send an email, recommend them to others, just let them know their effort was worth it.

12) Don’t forget to promote yourself.
This one is a no-brainer, and yet is so often overlooked! You can’t assume that everyone knows your value, so you need to make it clear in ways that are memorable and useful for others, without being too pushy. This is different than nagging or bragging, it’s simply making sure people know your skills and the quality of your work. Create online portfolios, use your social media profiles to showcase your talent and consider doing some pro bono work for extra exposure. Let your own work help you promote what you can do.

Of course networking is an imprecise process, and many factors aren’t really in your control. But you can greatly improve your odds of networking success by working hard and working smart.


Certified Institute : An Essential For Digital Marketing

CERTIFIED INSTITUTES: An Essential For Digital Maketing










The world is scrambling in to get in line with digital marketing concepts – in an attempt to reach out and retain customers. The innovation of social networking websites managed to engage more and more people online. In society where communication is constantly propelled by the newest and best social networking website, training in-depth is required for marketers to face this digital space. To understand the current digital landscape, you need to consider well recognized and certified institutes that offer digital marketing course. Outlined below are well known certified institutes:

  1. Hubspot Inbound marketing certificate is a well recognized certificate that inform companies that skilled marketers understand the most effective methods to drive traffic and convert potential leads to customers.
  2. Market Motive offers Online Marketing Certified Professionals (OMCP) to successful candidates. OMCP is a professional certification that recognizes the candidate from digital industry’s best known institutions.
  3. A candidate certified with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)  – will hold one of the highly respected certification in digital marketing.
  4. Digital Academy in India, offer professional diploma courses in digital marketing subjects either powered by Digital Media Institute (DMI), Ireland or Internet Marketing Association (IMA), USA .
  5. Another institute, NIIT has digital marketing courses certified by DMI, Ireland.
  6. Untitled 1 Edukart offers a six month online course certified by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).
  7. Webnext Solutions founded in 2011, has digital courses certified from Google, Yahoo, NIIT Imperia and Microsoft .
  8.  Learning Catalyst also offers certified digital marketing courses, although we believe our USP is our managed freelancing platform called Web-Stepup – here we offer candidates the opportunity to assess their skills and get on to live projects on achieving the requisite ‘web quotient’

At the end of the day, marketing is about engaging and retaining the target market, providing valuable content, and thinking outside the box. For a course on insights of digital marketing, check out recognized institutes in digital marketing. Their courses offer valuable guidance in assignments and real projects that will show you the role digital marketing plays in the economic system. This will teach you how to develop a marketing strategy for a specific customer or organization.

As digital marketing becomes more complex in terms of the options of technology and online media channels, the complexity of campaigns (including advertisements) and integrated digital marketing approaches, so the greater need for digital marketing training with certified institutes.If you are interested in enrolling with a certified digital marketing institute, then consider selecting a course suitable for your organization and your requirements.


 Choosing a course in digital marketing

It is important to choose a training course that suits your goals and strategies. The right internet marketing training course could help you create an income stream – affiliate marketing. It will show you ample ways to advertise online. If you are interested in a career in marketing or advertising, then a course in SEM, Social Media and Mobile Marketing could add to your advantage. The demand for marketers with knowledge and training in various digital marketing courses, are increasing at a fast rate. Certified institutes offering a course in Social Media will train you to set up social media profiles and how to use them in your marketing strategies. You will understand the foundations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest and how to use these platforms to support your marketing campaigns.

We learn through experience, through making mistakes, and trying out ideas – not by being told. As digital marketing landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, a marketer is required to be updated in his/her digital skills.

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Untitled1.5 Billion Users on Facebook. 2 Billion Tweets a week. 2 new users join LinkedIn every second.150 million active users on Instagram. Online media is getting ever more integrated into our daily life and marketing practices have dramatically made a shift towards this media. To bridge this online marketing knowledge, key institutes are introducing weekend crash courses in digital marketing for aspirants. Learn new skills without dropping commitment to your job or family.

Digital marketing is the only career today; with a larger demand graph than supply. Prospective customers are trying to communicate through online media – the weekend courses will give you a holistic view of digital marketing and knowledge of key concepts, to listen and respond in a personalized manner. Marketers need to be prepared to face new challenges in this shifting environment. With changing trends in digital marketing and emergence of new channels, marketers should be aware of the digital lingos and get ample practical experience to learn this subject.

Oxford College of Marketing offers a wide range of short courses that can be enrolled for online learning as well, Digital Marketing Institute have various certification courses that can be completed in 5 to 12 classes depending on requirement. Web Marketing Academy also provides crash course in digital marketing with an overview of all key concepts, case studies and projects, also an ability to learn from an international as well as local perspective. Learning Catalyst similarly offers ‘2 days a week’ weekend crash course on many programs – SEM , SEO, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing or Social media marketing. Moreover, providing access to online study materials – video tutorials, learning materials, discussions, along with a platform for placement support. At the end of the course, you will be able to carve out an internet niche for your company.
Whether your focus is on data analysis, technical or creative outlook, these weekend crash courses offer a list of digital marketing subjects to suit your career. It is designed to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge across search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, mobile marketing, and social media aimed at leveraging the Internet, to achieve a successful market strategy for business.Untitled1








Weekend crash course provides you with flexibility of studying in completion, within stipulated time. Before enrollment, do your homework – compare institutes (reading reviews, leverage on social media platforms) and analyze respective course outline. It’s also important to see how active the university or the instructors are on digital platforms. By gaining knowledge of the latest trends in digital marketing, you can improve your organization’s marketing strategy and become an invaluable asset to them.


Job Opening for Digital Marketing Professional at Momark Services Pvt. Ltd. | Media Job in Noida | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:-

Designation: Digital Marketing Professional

Openings: 2

Experience: 2- 4 Years

• Excellent communication skill in English (Both written and verbal)
• Should have creative bent of mind.
• Should be able to visualise end product.
• Define and develop short and long term social media strategy
• Provide on-going updates on social media trends, issues, buzz and best practices
• Create visually appealing content/pages/material with the help of a Designer.

Key Skills:
• 2-4 years digital and social media experience
• Hands-on experience or understanding of online listening, tracking and measurement tools
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
• Detail-oriented, with excellent writing and analysis skills, with high standards for quality of thinking

Education: BBA/MBA/Mass Comm/Any Graduate with Social Media/Digital Marketing Experience

If you are interested in this opening. Please send the following:-

Updated CV
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Notice Period:

Company Profile :-

Momark Services Pvt. Ltd.

Momark is a mobile based marketing solution company. On one hand we help merchants attract, engage & retain customers and on the other, we provide customers with complete convenience of searching for merchants, exclusive deals & discounts. We enable your customer to earn and redeem reward points with the ease of a single tap on their mobile. Our leading edge technology and strong analytics engine gives you access to actionable data and analytics about your establishment and your customer.


Career guide on Digital Marketing

If you have ever received an e-mail offering a variety of numbers or websites to contact for free wall papers of Bollywood stars, you’re no stranger to the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the use of the internet for advertisement and publicity. With increasing human interest in online pursuits, digital marketers indeed have an enviable job!

Digital Marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet.

Read more

Job Opening for Business Head at Tonic Media| Media Job in Delhi| Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:-

  • The incumbent’s prime responsibility would be to work fairly independently and take guidance from the Chief Executive Officer.
  • The incumbent will have to ensure regional P&L achievement, develop & drive profitable growth strategies for the region and to help corporate identify & acquire new business.
  • She/He would also be responsible for managing a team. The person would also personally manage key client relationships in her/his market.

Key responsibilities:

  • Business Development and identifying new business opportunities in end to end Digital Marketing Services
  • Establish a strong presence for Tonic Media in North India
  • Acquisition of new clients for Digital Marketing services for Tonic Media
  • Managing client relationships – to be the “go-to person” for clients in the region
  • To drive the P&L for the region
  •  Ensure that the topline and the bottom-line targets are achieved
  • Ensure that costs are kept low to meet profitability goals.
  • Provide digital thought leadership, and elevate the overall digital brand equity for Tonic
Company Profile : –

Tonic Media

Tonic Media creates strategic BRAND conversations that interests stakeholders and deliver cutting edge solutions and results to their brand partners. From websites, mailers to viral ideas, their clients do swear by the prescriptive power of Tonic.


Job Opening for Digital Marketing Specialist at Travelkhana| Media Job in Delhi| Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –

The Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for strategy & implementing marketing model across all digital/online mediums that has Travelkhana grow exponentially and become a brand for travelling community.

Desired Skills, Qualities and Experience

  • Is constantly thinking, living and eating on increasing sales using online media for Travelkhana. High amount of creativity and out of the box thinking will help On a lookout for new ways, and innovative market trends to enable best media strategy and implementation.
  • Responsible for creation of digital strategy for all online mediums ie social media, email, and other online mediums
  • Oversight and quality control of branded content output, with a strong focus on SEO, SEM
  • Liaison with third-party production shops or internal creative resource/s.
  • Content conceptualization, storyboarding, writing and approval management.
  • Can work and manage teams, enabling best product and talent development.
  • Solid understanding of SEO & SEM
  • Strong comfort level with digital and social media campaign optimization / metrics; familiarity with a range of syndicated research tools for digital and social media measurement.
  • Deep passion and expertise in digital and social media, demonstrated ability to create and manage programs, coordinate teams, seek out the best available talent from across the network to meet client needs.
  • Experience with managing online communities.
  • Experience/expertise in video content production would be an advantage, but not essential.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands in a start-up work environment.

Outstanding writing skills and dynamic presentation skills are both essential.

Company Profile : –                                                                                                                         Travelkhana                                                                                                                                      Travel Khana brings you the most sumptuous and finger licking food range right on your seat, making your journeys more satisfying and pleasurable. We are the fastest service offering food delivery on train with hundreds of restaurants at different stations in various parts of India.
Travel Khana promises to bring the most flavorsome foods from popular restaurants, where you can choose anything from traditional Indian thalis to more assorted choices in Chinese, continental, local and Mughlai food. We offer freshly cooked food for train journey across all popular stations with stations being added every day.


Job Opening for Digital Marketing Executive at Tushky Events and Entertainment Ltd| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
As the Digital Marketing Executive, the candidate will be managing social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Along with social media platforms the candidate will also be responsible for Google adwords, analytics and running PPC campaigns.

 Typical work activities
1. Responsible for the execution of marketing strategies.
2. Manage the complete social media platform for Tushky.
3. Responsible for digital and offline meaid executions.
4. Tracking website traffic and performing analytics to drive online traffic to website.
5. Evauate, develop and manage digital media campaigns and online ads.
6. Responsible for planning and budgetary control of all digital campaigns.
7. Evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitors.

Experience : –  2 years

Desired Candidate Profile : –
1. Excellent written and verbal communications.
2. Demostrated skills and experience in the design and execution of marketing and communications
3. Demonstrated experience in digital marketing activities in SMM, SEM, PPC
4. Creative, analytical and strategic abilities
5. Ability to effectively work under tight deadlines and manage projects independently.
6. Excellent people skills and an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.
7. Strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail.
8. Strong computer skills

Other requirements

1. Minimum 2 years of digital marketing experience
2. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, public relations preffered.
3. Any supplementary courses in marketing, business, communications, or a related field would be beneficial.

Company Profile : –
Tushky Events and Entertainment Ltd
Ultimate destination for the most unique experiences & getaways!