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Lucrative Social Media (SMO) Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 30th October 2015

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the manipulation of social media content. Such content is then posted as updates on the respective social media account(s). The idea behind this is to make the updates engaging enough so that they will be shared by users and, in turn, influence traffic towards those social media pages and the related websites. Brand awareness and reach is the core responsibility of social media marketing jobs. The main difference between social media optimization (and social media marketing) and search engine optimization (SEO) is that social media is the platform used for this. Another difference is that SEO strategies are used in social media marketing in addition to other online marketing strategies.

Regarding social media jobs, there are a host of social media jobs in Bangalore. However, social media marketing job aspirants should note that jobs in digital marketing are pretty interconnected field. So, even if your aim is to specialize in social media, it’s a good idea to at least be familiar with the other aspects of digital marketing (such as SEO and PPC advertising, for example).

Coming back to digital marketing jobs in Bangalore, or, more specifically, social media jobs in Bangalore, you’ll find that you have plenty of opportunities to choose from. And to help you start your search, below is a list of companies where you can kick-start your social media career in Bangalore:


Tru Worth Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Tru Worth Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is part of the TruWorth Group of companies and has a base in Bangalore. This Groups in into a variety of fields, the most notable of which is their “Healthcare and Wellness” domain. Their software development domain has grown these last couple of years thanks to the technology boom. Their other services range even to building materials, BPO services, as well as e-commerce services.

Currently, they have openings for the posts Social Media Expert and Social Media Manager in their company. For more details, check out the job link, Click here



Hive Minds Innovative Market Solutions


Hive Minds Innovative Market Solutions is based in Bangalore. It is a company that engages in services for internet marketing and the related internet marketing strategies. Hive Minds usually work with companies still in their early stages of development. And they help these companies establish themselves online to their target customers and audience.

Currently, Hive Minds Innovative Market Solutions has openings for the post Social Media Account Manager in the company. Get more information about this opening , click here



Untitled43 is the website of Grabhouse. It is a tech startup that deals with real estate and is based in Bangalore. Grabhouse allows people to find flats, apartments, and residencies without needing to deal with brokers or paying for brokerage. provides users with a hassle-free experience while they shop for real estate deals and opportunities online.

Presently, Grabhouse has job openings in Bangalore for the post of Social Media Marketing Manager. For more information about this post, click here





WishRider acts as an online entity that helps you, the user, connect with stores in the city. The idea behind WishRider is that, once the user finds a shop on the WishRider App, he or she can go through the list of products the shop has, make a buying list, kand then WishRider will deliver those purchases to you at your doorstep. This entity also offers delivery services to shops and businesses.

At the moment, this online entity has great job openings for the post of Social Media Specialist. You can find more details about this job, click here


Let’s Connect



Let’s Connect is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies there is in India right now. With a base in Bangalore, this e-commerce company is a child of a much larger e-commerce giant. Presently, Let’s Connect has job openings available for the post of Social Media Head. For more information about this post, click here



 Planetsurf Creations



Planetsurf Creations offers a host of web tech and digital advertising and marketing services. They offer services such as visual design, online advertising, and solutions for web and mobile platforms.  The company has a base in Bangalore, and hence, makes the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Right now, Planetsurf Creations has great openings for the post of Social Media Brand Manager in their company. You can check out the details of this job , click here.


The Shaw Academy


The Shaw Academy is a globally renowned e-learning company. It offers a wide range of professional courses on the online platform, and it boasts of an incredible number of pupils to its name. Practical, professional courses online are their primary force and service.

At the moment, the entity has job openings available for the post of Social Media Manager. You can get more information about this job, click here





By SK TECHCONNECT’s own description, “branding, people, and technology” are the main ingredients of the recipe that make up the company. Their home base is in Bangalore. They offer a host of branding and web marketing services to their clients, thereby making the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore (though they don’t necessarily define themselves that way, their services do). They also offer services to starups and businesses such as talent acquisition, software development, etc.

Currently, they have job openings for social media related posts in their company. You can find more information about the same click here


Cybotrix Technology


Cybotrix Technology is a website development and IT consultancy company. It is based in Bangalore, and it makes the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore, especially with regards to SEO. And they currently have social media related posts available on their site. You can find out more about these openings click here


Purpledot Designs Pvt. Ltd.


Purpledot Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a graphic and visual design company. The company is based in Bangalore. Their main purpose is to offer their clients unique and appealing visual designs. E-commerce services, website design and development services, digital marketing services, and mobile app development services make up the core of their company. At the moment, Purpledot Designs Pvt. Ltd has openings for the post of SMO Analyst in the company. You can get more information about this job, click here


There are dozens of digital marketing job opportunities that can be found in Bangalore. And more can be found on various job sites online as well (like TimesJobs and Naukri, for instance). Hence, those aspiring to be digital marketers and social media professionals in Bangalore have plenty of digital marketing job openings and opportunities to choose from. And the above list can help you get started if you’re looking for some social media jobs in Bangalore.