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» SEO Training Course in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst provides the finest SEO Training Course in Mumbai. We have industry experts as our faculty for our SEO Training Course in Mumbai & other cities as well. Below, you can browse through the topics we cover in our SEO training course. Also, you can discover what you can achieve after you complete the SEO training.

Our Guide to Careers in SEO Faculty

Rahul Shrivastava | Faculty for SEO Training Course in MumbaiRahul Shrivastava
Manager – Digital Marketing at INDIA.COM
Anish Sapra Faculty for  SEO Training Course in MumbaiAnish Sapra
Head – Search Marketing & Digital Media Analytics at Shaadi .com
Details : 6 weeks, Rs.13,000, All sessions on Sat and Sun. Access to Online study material.
Why Learning Catalyst
Special Support For Small Biz Owners in the batch
Placement / Freelancing Support Assurance
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Outcomes of the SEO Training Course in Mumbai

(1) You would be able to increase the rankings of your client’s website or any of your own blogs or websites. After completing the SEO training course, you can also grab a lot of SEO freelancing opportunities.

(2) You will have a profound understanding of how search engines work. You will also know the SEO tactics to rank websites better.

(3) You will be able to practically do effective keyword research, Onpage optimization & Offpage optimization after completing the SEO training.

Course Content of the SEO Training Course in Mumbai

SEO Training Course Topic

Areas that will be covered

1 History & Evolution Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Importance of SEO in online advertising. What you need to know about websites before you start optimizing them.
2 How Search Engine Works Search Engine relevancy Algorithms.Basic differences between the way Google, Yahoo and MSN ranks web pages.
3 Keyword Research and Target Audience How is keyword strategy tied to marketing strategy. Tips on the keyword selection process and keyword tool choice. How to ‘go broad’ What kinds of keywords are easier to optimize. How to judge competitiveness of a keyword.
4 SEO Website Evaluation & SEO – On page How to quickly do a mini-audit of the SEO of an existing site. Review of the elements of the on-page optimization and their relative importance. How is SEO implemented in CMS packages. Common on-page SEO mistakes How is usability and information architecture linked to SEO ?
5 SEO – Off-Page Review of the elements of off-page optimization. Common off-page SEO mistakes.
6 Advanced SEO Universal SEO : Digital Asset Management. Vertical seo : mobile, local and international. Multi-lingual SEO.
7 Copywriting for SEO purposes How to arrive at the ‘brief’ for SEO copywriting. Why should one stay away from black hat techniques.Studying competition and the category to get ideas
8 SEO Maintainace How to make a SEO Maintenance Plan. How to study Analytics data and get inputs from there for the plan

Above all, Learning Catalyst mainly focuses on building your SEO skills. We believe in making you a proper SEO professional towards the completion of your SEO training course.

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