SEO is the procedure of optimizing your internet site to position favorably from the major engines like goggle. There are actually literally quantities of websites on-line today. Your site is only a tiny drop in that virtual ocean. It is therefore vitally important to be able to implement SEO to help make your internet presence felt. Every online marketer really ought to implement Seo in order to survive on the web.Today SEO is booming in every field so here is an opportunity for all to make it big in the SEO industry.



There are some SEO skills which are plain vanilla


o Basic knowledge of HTML and Meta tag family.

o Thorough understanding of how search engines algorithms work (Google, Yahoo!, & MSN). Staying on top of latest developments.

o Experience with link building, article & PR submission and RSS feeds.

o Being able to write well : You’ll need to write web page copy, press releases, case studies, newsletters, and blog posts.


Some advanced skills


o Knowledge of various Content Management Systems is a Plus- this ensures good results with CMS backed sites.

o Understanding of site analytic tools (e.g. WebTrends, Google Analytics)

o And some finer stuff which is always welcome

o # how to make another site WANT to link to me # how to write an additional page on a certain topic without looking like a spammer # how to leverage news coverage



Profile (Example taken from a listed job profile)


o The ideal candidate will have experience performing SEO using a variety of analytics tools, and be comfortable working with cross-functional teams.

o Understand the major factors that influence organic search crawling, indexing and keyword ranking. Always be up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

o Perform search engine optimization activities, including but not limited to: keyword research and ranking analysis, competitive market analysis, keyword friendly copywriting, and analysis of our site’s implementation of SEO best practices.

o Work with IT, Web and Marketing teams to implement site architecture, page content, blogging strategy, Meta tags, and press release changes for best practices.

o Research, identify, and establish link partnerships with web sites within our space.

o Track metrics, including referrals, link popularity, rankings, and saturation. Proactively present program recommendations and quantified benefits in order to advance program goals and objectives.

o Coordinate with management of paid search programs for Blue Nile to understand and optimize SEO in light of SEM activities.


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