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Companies Offering Great SEO Jobs in Bangalore





In most online marketers’ opinions, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the single most important job in digital marketing. Of course, digital marketing has a lot more to it. But as SEO consists of digital marketers manipulating web page and website content, SEO is involved in practically every kind of online marketing strategy and venture. Hence, it is little wonder that there are a number of SEO jobs in Bangalore.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to manipulating content with choice keywords so that certain web pages or a website will come up on certain search results – ideally in the first page, if possible. From this definition, it’s easy to see why SEO is a main task in any digital marketing company. And as India is really picking up the pace in the digital marketing job sector, the future of digital marketing jobs and the scope of digital marketing jobs in India look bright.

Bangalore is a powerhouse of intriguing digital marketing companies. So for those looking for digital marketing jobs in Bangalore, especially SEO jobs in Bangalore, rest assure that you have a lot of opportunity.

On that note, below is a list of companies where you can kick-start your digital marketing career in Bangalore:


Rank Higher






Rank Higher is a digital marketing company that is based in Bangalore. The company focusses mostly on SEO related services. Rank Higher offers its customers services like website design as well. But their main purpose is to help their clients become more visible online.

Currently, they have openings for the post of SEO Analyst in their company. For more details, check out the job link here


 Silver Ties Design Studios

Silver-Ties Design Studio mainly works in digital design and print design. They are mainly a graphic design agency based in Bangalore. But they offer digital marketing and branding services as well. They have a host of brands already as part of their clientele.

Currently, Silver-Ties Design Studio in Bangalore has a number of SEO jobs available; namely, they have openings for the posts of SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst, and SEO Executive. Get more information about the openings here



One India


One India is an online content portal that offers a variety of content for Indian readers. The variety of the online content varies from news to movies to travel to astrology. This is one of the largest content portals in India and it is uniquely designed to cater to an Indian audience. And currently, One India has job openings in Bangalore for the post of SEO Specialist. For more information about this post, check it out here





EveningFalvors is an online restaurant review website that explores, discovers, reviews, and reports on different restaurants in Bangalore. This site lists various restaurants by various categories. You can find Bangalore restaurants here by area, cuisine, or specialty (to name but a few). At the moment, this online entity has great job openings for the post of SEO Executive.To find more details about this job click here



Buyhatke! or is an online price comparison portal. The site is an online shopping website that compares prices for various products and gets you the best prices available out there. So, though at first glance it seems like another online shopping site, it also acts as a great place to find lucrative deals!Presently, Buyhatke! has job openings available for the post of SEO Specialist. For more information about this post, check out


Propaganda India


Propaganda India is a web design, advertising and content portal. They have a vast array of experience in the design and communication marketing industry. They have a base in Bangalore, and hence, makes the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Right now, Propaganda India has great openings for the post of SEO Specialist in their company. You can check out the details of this job here


Mind Bird Solutions Private Limited

Mind Bird Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing and web design company that offers a variety of services. Those services include SEO, web design, E-commerce, website and mobile app and development, etc. Mind Bird Solutions is also one of the companies that make the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. And at the moment, the company has job openings available for the posts of SEO Analyst and SEO Executive. You can get more information about this job here


Zoomcar India Pvt. Ltd.

Zoomcar India Pvt. Ltd. is a car rental service in India that has a base in Bangalore. They offer their services all over the country. The perk of their services is that they offer a self-drive rental service for their cars. They also have a taxi service in Bangalore.

Currently, they have job openings for SEO related posts in their company. You can find more information about the same here


I Love India


I Love India is an online content portal that links to articles in various categories. It is an entertainment website first and foremost and has various categories like parenting, lifestyle, art, etc. Their catchphrase is “Everything you ever wanted to know”. And they currently have SEO related posts available on their site. You can find out more about these openings here


Your Practice Online India Pvt. Ltd.


Your Practice Online India Pvt. Ltd. is a company that gives a cyber platform to practicing medical professionals. One of their main functions is to create medical websites with various medical professionals so as to educate patients on their various ailments. And presently, Your Practice Online Pvt. Ltd has a host on digital marketing related jobs available with them – one of which is job openings for the post of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst. You can get more information about this job (and others in this company) here


There are many more digital marketing job opportunities available in Bangalore for aspiring digital marketers and SEO experts. Bangalore houses plenty of digital marketing job openings and opportunities to choose from.