SEM Jobs in Bangalore

Kick start your digital marketing career with SEM Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 1st September 2015

SEM Jobs in Bangalore

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is closely related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, a lot of SEM jobs will often expect you to know a bit about SEO. Because you can’t do SEM without additional skills. For instance, knowing how to work PPC advertising (i.e., Pay Per Click advertising) is almost essential for those looking to work in SEM jobs.

To explain why SEO, SEM and PPC advertising is often interrelated in job descriptions, consider this:

In definition, SEO optimizes websites and web pages via content that contains selective keywords. Whereas, SEM uses advertising and promotion methods to place certain web pages and websites in the first page of search engine results. So the purpose is more or less the same for both. The only difference is the method. Plus, SEM usually uses paid advertising methods too (which is not that necessary for SEO). So paid advertising methods like PPC advertising is something the SEM professionals should know about too.

The future of digital marketing jobs and the scope of digital marketing jobs in India are extremely bright and versatile. So if you’re willing to learn and enjoy working online, you’ll find SEM jobs quite rewarding.

If you’re a Bangalore resident looking for SEM digital marketing jobs in Bangalore, check out the companies below:


 Noesys Consulting Ltd


Noesys Consulting Ltd. is a company that deals with business IT solutions. The company, based in Bangalore, caters to a wide range of customers. Outsourcing solutions, business analysis, and project management are their major areas of services offered. This consulting company mainly prides itself on its insightful customer oriented approach. SEM Specialist jobs are currently available at Noesys Consulting Ltd. To find more information about this job click here .




ASIAMEDIAWEB is a digital marketing recruitment service that caters to a wide range of companies. This company has a number of branches, which can be found in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. The company also offers practical training courses for digital marketing aspirants and offers placement programs for the same sector as well. Currently, ASIAWEBMEDIA has a number of digital marketing job openings available. One of those posts is an opportunity for graduate freshers to get into SEM Freshers. Check out that job link here .


Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited.


Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited is based in Bangalore, and it is currently a leader in online education and e-training. For a company that started out simply as a blog, that’s certainly an achievement! The have more than 200 courses to their name and more than 400000 trainers working with the company. It is, in a nutshell, a global e-learning platform that has diligently worked to aid and simplify education. Currently, Simplilearn has openings for SEM professionals – more information about which can be found here 



Baboye is a unique e-commerce website that caters to baby products and products for kids. A wide range of incredible products can be found here that are often unique and of good quality. The website currently has digital marketing job opportunities for SEM Managers and Assistant Managers. More information about these digital marketing job openings can be found here .


Sysfore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Sysfore Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is digital services company based in Bangalore. It offers its clients services like cloud computing, mobile development, and interactive web technologies. Consulting services and management services are also part of their repertoire. They have an effective SEM team. And, currently, they are looking for SEO specialists to join that team. If you are interested in the post, you can check it out here.


 Sline Media


Sline Media Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Sling Box, or vice versa: Whichever way you want to consider this company fits. Sline Media is a mobile TV service and production company. Their digital box, Sling Box M2 is their latest product n aid of better mobile TV. A company full of people immersed in entertainment and technology, Sline Media currently has openings for SEM professionals. For more information on this job, check out this link


Ad Syndicate Services Pvt. Ltd.


Ad Syndicate Services Private Limited is an advertising and creative solutions company based in Bangalore. Their services include digital communications, advertising, creative consulting and solutions, media planning and buying, direct marketing, PR, animations, AVs, events, new media initiatives and strategies, and 360 advertising. They are currently looking for an SEM expert (who will have an advantage if he or she knows about SEO and social media too). The details of the job can be found here


 Sidhma Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Sidhma Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore based web design and digital marketing company. Sidhma’s services include website design and development services, mobile app development, SEO services, and a host of other digital marketing services. This company is makes the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. And currently, there are openings in the company for SEM experts. The link for the same job opening can be found here


Adriyo Technology Private Limited


Adriyo Technology Private Limited is a company based in Bangalore. It is a technology based company that is working on an online product that is claimed to change affect the Internet world once it is done. Adriyo is currently looking for SEM specialists that also have knowledge of SEO and the technical aspects of web development. To know more about this job, check it out here


Vistas Ad Media Communications Private Limited


Vistas Ad Media Communications Private Limited is website design and creative solutions company. It is based in Bangalore, and hence, makes it to the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. The services of this company include developing responsive and interactive website designs, mobile app development, graphic design and ad design, e-commerce website development, and digital marketing services. Currently, Vistas has openings for SEM Executive jobs. Those who have knowledge of other digital marketing factors have a better advantage than those who don’t though. For more information, check the job out here


There are many different kinds ofSEM job opportunities available in Bangalore. For aspiring SEM professionals, the links given above would help to get started on their search for SEM jobs in Bangalore.