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Amazon.com. Cleartrip.com. Shaadi.Com. In every industry, businesses have moved out of their local bricks-and-mortar shops into the virtual sphere. The marketing game has changed – global consumption means localized, traditional advertising is just not enough. Enter E-Business and digital media marketing: two rapidly growing and revolutionary new sales and marketing channels. Over 60 million Indian Internet users are now wired to receive targeted communications, sales, and delivery from national and international brands in the country.

What we Offer

Learning Catalyst provides the most comprehensive Web/Mobile Marketing and Web/Mobile Technology learning programs in India today. We not only help you learn the best practices used to build a unique, reliable and successful digital presence but also the most effective techniques for digital marketing and the latest development tools. Here’s what our program map looks like.

Whether it’s an introductory course or a detailed ‘dive-down’ – or whether you come from a technology, design, or marketing background, our courses cater to students and working professionals from various backgrounds and with varying degrees of expertise.

Our unique programs also provide you with niche digital career opportunities such as the mobile gaming industry. For more information, contact your closest Learning Catalyst study center.

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How it’s different

At Learning Catalyst, we have a tried-and-tested learning method that we call “learning catalysis” – combining Studymate (our customized online learning environment), group learning, and interaction with our excellent roster of faculty.

Our all-star faculty is comprised of industry veterans and leaders: practitioners, CEOs and consultants who share the latest and most relevant information based on real-life case studies and experience.

When you complete the program, we offer internship and freelancing opportunities around the country – ideally for those who want to get exposure to new areas before making a career switch. Contact us to find out how we can help you with this.

Why it’s simple

All our study materials are based on the principle that web marketing/technology courses must be current, simple, straightforward, and easily delivered – like the medium itself. Sessions with our faculty take place on the weekend, covering course materials outlined in our programs. Unable to attend in person? Participate in real time on our web meeting platform. In addition, you will spend 5-6 hours a week on Study Mate – a customized learning environment that stores multimedia content, – wiki-based learning modules that evolve along with industry knowledge, and a test bank to strengthen your knowledge base.