Ensure MAXIMUM exposure to your profile

  • Not all new media jobs would be ‘visible’ to you – they get lost in the crowded classified like environments of generic job boards. Also all of them do not get posted in the first place. We have a network with the best companies in the country and will make sure that you are aware of the best opportunities in this space. Our new media education lineage ensures that the top and best recruiters always be in touch with us for their talent needs
  • Freelancing opportunities and part-time opportunities add a lot of weight to your resume in new media . We will connect you to the right businesses based on your experience.Get in touch with us

Get freelancing assignments

  • It is no secret that employers prefer candidates with freelancing exposure. Get personal help in getting and doing your freelancing assignments.Get in touch with us

Polish your web presence

  • Recruiters always have an eye on your social media and online profiles. We will fine-tune them to reflect the  professional ‘YOU’.
  • LinkedIn is the first online destination that recruiters look at before they call you. We will make this look more professional and help you to be more visible.Get in touch with us

Prepare exhaustively for your interview

  • In most interviews, it’s the first 5 minutes which count. We will help you with the typical trick questions and make sure your concepts are honed up before the interview. This will include allowing you access to some of the classroom sessions that we do in new media areas.
  • Every company has a technical round which you need to clear before the face-to-face interview is scheduled. We will a battery of tests already kept ready to help you get more confident before your final test.Get in touch with us