List of Digital Marketing Jobs Related to Web Analytics in New Mumbai and Vashi – Updated on 11th November 2015

List of Digital Marketing Jobs Related to Web Analytics in New Mumbai and Vashi


Web Analytics jobs, which are also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs, concerns collecting, measuring, and analysing online “Web” data using web analytical tools. Web analytics tools and techniques is the analysing and research aspect of digital marketing. Simply, this is where web traffic patterns, and post reach, and user clicks are measured and analysed to derive user patterns and visits online. Then, this data is used to figure out how to improve the effectiveness of online content in order to improve web traffic (as well as to decide what online marketing aspect can be done away with too, if necessary). Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used web analysis tools there is.

There is an excellent variety of digital web analytics jobs in New Mumbai. And despite the scope of digital marketing jobs in India still being in the emerging stage, Navi Mumbai residents will find a great range of jobs to start off their online marketing career with. So, if you live in Navi Mumbai and are looking for a list of digital marketing companies in New Mumbai and want to take up some of the digital marketing job opportunities currently on offer, check out the links given below:



eclerx services



EClerx lends its services to a variety of industries. The company’s primary function is to act as a data analytics provider for their clients. Currently, they have openings for posts related to the role of Digital (Web) Analytics in the company.


Value Direct Communication Pvt. Ltd.

value direct communication pvt. ltd





Value Direct Communication Pvt. Ltd. is an online marketing company that primarily focuses only on aiding a business in communicating with its target market. The idea is that a business will get more value for its hired online marketing services when the attempts at marketing are aimed solely at the target market of the respective business that is being promoted. Currently, the firm has openings for the post of (Web) Research Analyst in the company.


39 Solutions

39 solutions business solutions





39 Solutions is a brand marketing business solutions company. The company primarily deals with brand management and brand strategizing. They are a business solutions firm and consultancy. Their services include strategy solutions, organization solutions, etc. Presently, the company has job openings in Navi Mumbai for the post of Digital Marketing (Web) Analyst.


Phi Creative Solution

phi creative solutions





Phi Creative Solution is an interactive communication agency. They offer a full range of digital marketing services to their clients. The company’s services include (but are not limited to) social media, multimedia, print, web services, and online marketing services, etc. At the moment, this company has great job openings for the post of Online Marketing Analyst.



HGS Interactive

hinduja global solutions





HGS Interactive is a company that chiefly focuses on advertising solutions and marketing solutions for its clients. HGS Interactive’s services are made for the online platform. This company deals in interactive services online, such as interactive communication design, interactive technology, and so on. Presently, the company has job openings available for the post of Web Usability Analyst on their team.


Anil Chandiramani and Associates

Anil Chandiramani and Associates




Anil Chandiramani and Associates is an HR and recruitment consultancy firm. Their services cater to a variety of industries. Right now, the firm has great openings for the post of Big (Web) Data Consultant in the company.



modia electronics





MODIA is a company that deals in consumer electronic products. It is an internationally based company. The company deals in a variety of electronic products related to audio devices, televisions, home theatres, etc. And, at the moment, this business entity has job openings available for the post of Senior SEO (Web) Analyst.


Enterprise Social Media Pvt. Ltd.

enterprise social media pvt. ltd







Enterprise Social Media Pvt. Ltd. is a sister enterprise of Hannon Digital. The company mainly focuses on social media services. The function of this company is to aid their clients in using social media accounts in their business ventures to improve their performance. The company’s main services include social media strategy, social media marketing, ORM, and other comparable services. Currently, they have job openings for the post of Social Media (Web) Analyst in their company.


Inventors Tech

inventors tech web development





Inventors Tech is a web design and web development company. The company has its home base in Navi Mumbai. Inventors Tech provides a variety of web related solutions to its clients. Among the company’s offered services, the most prominent ones are Search Engine Optimization, custom software development, social media marketing, website design, website hosting and support, unlimited website revisions, graphic design, branding services, search engine listing and marketing, visitor stats, website promotion, etc. And currently, they have openings available for the post of SEO (Web) Analyst in the company.


PRB Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

prb enterprises pvt. ltd




PRB Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a business that was established in 2007. The primary focus of this business revolves around print media activities. It is an entrepreneurship whose aim is to be a one stop destination for all media related activities. Planning and implementing media strategies is part of this business entity’s main range of services. And, at the moment, this firm has openings for the post of (Web) Research Analyst in the company.

Web analytics related roles are a little trickier to learn than other aspects of digital marketing – mainly because it requires a bit of technical know-how most of the time as well. The importance of web analytics is that it is what that lets us analyze and measure the traffic and insights we’ve gained (or lost) on our digital marketing strategies. So, if you choose this field, you are certainly in for an exciting time.