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First of all, what is this Learning Catalyst thingy
We specialize in web and mobile related programs for students, working professionals and educational institutes. Translated, that means we not only offer what NIIT/Aptech/etc.. offers (web design, flash) but also niche programs (Website usability, Web analytics),  Web development programs (PHP, Javascript,etc..) and the entire range of web marketing. (SEO, SEM, etc..). We are the most comprehensive provider of such programs in India.
We also offer our own IT frameworks to educational institutes in areas like learning management, website management and ERP.

Web Copywriter

So why do we need a Web copywriter, not just a plain copywriter
Because we market primarily on the web. So we need some one who knows how to talk to the typical online guy. And yes, its different from print copywriting – in fact we offer courses in that :)
We are going to roll out various products in the next few months and need some one who can help us represent these in a refreshing manner to our online prospects. So the job would not only involve representing these products on the web but also marketing them on search and social media.A good awareness of the digital medium would be preferred.
Its cool even if you are in your last year of BMS/BMM/Mass Com/etc… as long as you are willing to devote 6-7 hours of your time everyday.

And the benefits of joining us would be ?
- You get to join an exciting start-up (yeah, we missed that point earlier) in an equally exciting category.
- Web copywriting, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media optimization will not be buzzwords for you – you will deal with them as a part of your daily work.

Curious to know more?
- Mail with resume.
- Call 022-26135780

* IT Solutions – Sales

The profile is for our IT solutions line of business. It would involve the following :

  • Building a list of prospects who can be approached
  • Contacting the prospects through cold calls and site visits. Prospect visits would be the primary focus and about 50% of the time would be spent on such visits.
  • Generate a good number of leads for the company

You need to have a good understand of various kinds of IT services for a typical educational institute and also be able to come up with tactics to approach the market.

We are looking for individuals with upto 2 years of experience. Freshers can also apply. We are looking for basic IT awareness and an underlying tenacity required for a sales person. The rest can be picked up on the job.  Please mail resume to

* Product Development – PHP/SQL skills

The profile would consists of the following

  • Enhancing the features of our IT products for educational institutes so that they solve actual needs of teachers and learners in India. These products are in ERP, LMS and Website Management domain.
  • Assist us in our pre-sales activities
  • Help improve the user experience of the products.

In short, help us build products which respond to actual user needs of the educational segement in India and are which are also great to use.

We are looking for basic awarenss of open source product development, good PHP/SQL expertise (JScript wouldnt hurt) and an interest in the learning business. Please mail resume to

* Training Content Development – Digital Marketing and Technology

The profile would consist of the following

  • Building content for our learning business in various programs. We are spread across digital marketing and technology areas and are among the most comprehensive providers of such programs in India. This would require an in-depth understanding of these topics. We are looking for specialists in each area.
  • Online research on the latest trends
  • Interacting with the faculty to build exercises and tests
  • Having a basic understanding of instruction design.

We are looking for huge interest in the digital space and a passion for helping individuals learn. Please mail resume to