Job Opportunities in Digital Agencies in 2017 – Updated on 24th May 2017

Here’s What Getting a Job in a Digital Agency Entail

What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a firm that takes care of the creative, tactical, and technical needs of a specific client. The agency could be a separate entity that functions by itself or part of a bigger organization. Earlier, such an organization limited itself to marketing and communication needs like delivering emails and designing advertisements. Now, their responsibilities have grown exponentially. Depending on the requirements of the client, digital agencies now cater to multitudinous needs like social networking, digital signage, as well as creating applications, videos, podcasts, and various kinds of software. With this rich and vibrant repertoire, digital agencies are digital talent hubs that constantly explore new avenues, innovations, and talents in marketing, branding, and sales.

What Skillset is Required to Work in a Digital Agency?

  • Familiarity with Digital Platforms

Since the world of digital marketing includes many technical and non-technical requirements, a basic digital marketing course that offers placement is recommended. However, what one really needs is intimate knowledge of the online world. Of course, the digital marketing course you opt for will introduce you to the digital world. However, making your own social media accounts, blogs, and even websites using common and simple (unless web designing is what you want to do) website platforms will you give you much better practice.

  • Marketing Knowledge

It doesn’t matter whether the specialization you’re looking for is precisely digital marketing or not; you need to be familiar with common digital marketing tips and tricks and why it works the way it does on the Internet. Because, no matter what your digital expertise is – web design, content writing, design, animation, video marketing, etc. – the truth is that it all boils down to digital marketing. In more direct terms, whatever you do on the World Wide Web for a brand or company or product, it all, inexorably, links into that brand, company, or product’s digital marketing strategy.

  • A “Creative” Skill

Since a digital agency undertakes creative tasks like designing and sometimes even software development, it is highly desirable to have creative skills like graphic design and content development. For that will determine the appearance and [human-readable] content of your design, app, site, or software. In fact, many digital agencies require content writers to handle their social networking and blogs, so good writing skills are also worth cultivating if a job in digital marketing is aspired for. In fact, practically any digital agency will need and have a creative team. At the very least, any digital job will require you to think out of the box at one time or the other – at least to understand how creatives help a digital strategy to stand out and catch a web demographic’s eye appropriately.

What is the Scope of Jobs in Digital Agencies in India?

Since marketing is an extremely lucrative field, but also an extremely diverse field, finding the right niche for yourself in digital marketing is important. Digital Agencies are exceedingly in demand in the current digital era, because digital marketing is very important to businesses at the moment – Just check out the the two graphs below to see the amount of digital marketing tactics that currently go into B2C and B2B marketing strategies on average:

B2C Content marketing tactic usage

B2B Content marketing tactic usage

Since the whole world is connected via screens in today’s world, reaching out to clients is easy, viral, and diversely attainable through the World Wide Web. Finding appropriate niches in the online world and filling it with pertinent information regarding the product is of utmost importance. Understanding Web user behaviors and employing the right marketing tactics is now more important than ever to reach the right Web demographic – and then to grow your traffic and engagement among this niche demographic. Creative skills are necessary and unique online advertisements play a pivotal role in increasing sales for any business and brand. And finally, digital media and online marketing [obviously] have an essential effect on business today. And thus, this makes digital agency jobs one of the most relevant job opportunities available in today’s market.

Subsequently, digital marketing is very important in India because it is a young, growing market with a huge population of tech-savvy consumers. However, even though digital agencies are thriving in India, the full potential of the market is yet to be untapped. But, in such a scenario, a creative digital marketing agency is usually the right place to begin a career because there are endless opportunities and a colossal amount of scope for growth in this industry.

What are the Common Job Profiles in Digital Agencies?

Digital Marketing jobs are available in all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin and Chennai. Some examples of prolific companies include Hive Minds, Inkoniq, DigiFlip, Post Box Communications, Interactive Avenues, Orion Digital, Audio Campus and Shell Infotech.  Some popular job profiles in digital agencies include (but are not limited to) Social Media Manager, Media Executive, Business Development Manager, Content Head/Content Analyst, Creative Strategist, Online Media Strategist, Web Developer, Software Analyst, Graphic Designer, etc.

Generally, however, digital jobs fall under three main categories: Creative, Marketing, and Analysis:

The Creative side takes care of designing ads and brochures, developing content, creating animations, writing copies for ads, styling a website, and writing articles and blogs. This is the side that the audience for any business actually sees online. And this is the part that users engage with.

The Marketing side is responsible for marketing and sales – i.e., making plans and strategies that will help a business gain more Web traffic, sales leads, and conversions. They strategize how and when content will be marketed in order to engage the user.

Finally, the Analysis side is where the digital researchers and analysts reside. They actually analyze all the data relevant to the business and decide what strategies are working and what are not – as well as finding out the how and the why of it.

In essence, a career in digital marketing involves futuristic thinking and long-term vision. It is not limited to exploring new ways to market products but to finding new avenues that change the way people will see and interact with businesses. In short, “digital” is a highly relevant, challenging, and rewarding industry.

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