Job Opportunities in Digital Agencies in 2016 – Updated on 22nd January 2016

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What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a firm that takes care of creative, tactical and technical needs of a specific client. The agency could be a separate entity that functions by itself or part of a bigger organization. Earlier, such an organization limited itself to marketing and communication needs like delivering e-mails and designing advertisements. Now their responsibilities have grown exponentially. Depending on the needs of the clients, digital agencies now cater to needs like social networking, digital signage, creating applications, videos, podcasts and software. With this rich and vibrant repertoire, digital agencies are talent hubs that constantly explore new avenues in marketing, branding and sales.

What skill set is required to work in a Digital Agency?

Since the world of digital marketing includes many technical and non-technical requirements, a basic digital marketing course that offers placement is recommended. Since a digital agency undertakes creative tasks like designing and sometimes even software development, it is highly desirable. In addition to this, a good grasp over basic marketing and sales strategies is also required. Many digital agencies require content writers to handle social networking and blogs so good writing skills are also worth cultivating if a job in digital marketing is aspired for.

What is the scope of jobs in Digital Agencies in India?

Since marketing is an extremely lucrative but also an extremely diverse field, finding the right niche is important. Digital Agencies are exceedingly in demand in the current scenario because digital marketing is very important to business. Since the whole world is connected via screens in today’s world, reaching out to clients is easy, viral and beneficial through the web. Finding a lacuna in the online world and filling it with pertinent information regarding the product is of utmost importance. Creative and unique online advertising also plays a pivotal role in increasing sales. This makes it one of the most relevant jobs available in today’s market.

Digital marketing is very important in India because it is a young, growing market with a huge population of tech-savvy consumers. Even though digital agencies are thriving in India, the full potential of the market is yet to be untapped. A digital marketing creative agency is the right place to begin a career because the opportunities are endless and the scope is colossal.

Job Profiles in Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing jobs are available in all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin and Chennai. Some examples of prolific companies include Hive Minds, Inkoniq, DigiFlip, Post Box Communications, Interactive Avenues, Orion Digital, Audio Campus and Shell Infotech.  Some popular job profiles include Social Media Manager, Media Executive, Business Development Manager, Content Head/ Content Analyst, Creative Strategist, Online Media Strategist, Web Developer, Software Analyst, Graphic Designer etc.

A career in digital marketing involves futuristic thinking and long-term vision. It is not limited to exploring new ways to market products but to finding new avenues that change the way people see the world. It is a highly relevant, challenging and rewarding industry that moulds a person holistically and helps him reach the zenith of professional advance