How I got into Digital Marketing | Rahul Shrivastava | Senior Manager, Digital Marketing,

Learning Catalyst : What’s your name & designation in the current organization you work for?
Rahul : Rahul Shrivastava – Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at INDIA.COM – JV Penske Media Corporation and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

Learning Catalyst : What do you take care of in your company?
Rahul : I am responsible for online traffic to all the properties of Reporting to the CEO, I work closely with marketing, content, product & engineering teams to execute the best possible plans to get online visitors on the portal and find the right audience on relevant platforms. We are now a 20 million unique user a month network, largely organic.

Learning Catalyst : What interests you most about your current work profile?
Rahul Internet marketing is a mix of art and science. The ease to measure success of a campaign here is unmatched. It is very transparent, the real time reports speaks for your efforts and always keep you on your toes to achieve the goal. And your goals transform into your company’s success and hence leading to your own growth.

Learning Catalyst : How did you discover about this field & how did you get into it? 
Rahul While I was doing my Engineering Graduation, I wanted the world to know about my research on Vacuum and I chose, online as a medium to make my research public. I tried few hit and trial methods and somehow managed to optimize my post to make it searchable on Search Engines. Since then I am a part of this ever evolving world of search engine marketing.

Learning Catalyst : What are the most important skills one should have to succeed in this field according to your experience?
Rahul : I personally give more weightage to experience than any degree. But one should have good analytical skills combined with ability to absorb numbers & hunger to learn more. Other skills you must have to get success in this industry are to ability to understand user behaviour and product acceptability.

Learning Catalyst : What are your Online & Offline sources of constantly updating yourself for consistent growth in this field?
Rahul : The best source is experience & experiment. In this field till the time you don’t learn things from own experiences you will not get success. If you are learning strategies from someone else than you are learning an outdated one! Try to be the first mover here; rather than a follower.

Learning Catalyst : An advice you would give to freshers who plan to get in this field? 
Rahul : No one is a Guru here; we all are students of this ever evolving art of marketing. Keep learning to achieve success. Learn from experience & never hesitate to experiment.

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