Expert Advice on Digital Marketing | Shirish Deshpande SEM Specialist at Sokrati

(1) What makes your current organization (or any other organization that you want to be featured in our list) a good place for new media media talent to apply?
I would highly recommend as it is one of the top agencies specializing in search paid advertising. Using Google Adwords as advertising platform, its clientele ranges from top Indian brands of real estate, finance, travel and especially catering to e-commerce. In a nutshell, a very good place for freshers to start here.

(2) One tip that you would give the Freshers in the industry.
My career wasn’t created due to any university degree program nor directly created for me by an employer. Obsessively self taught and experimented until I was blue in the face and at the same time delivering expected results. So just I will say, just do it! Trial and error is the way to learn.

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