Expert Advice on Digital Marketing | Bhupendra Singh – Sr. Manager, Search at Group M

What makes your current organization (or any other organization that you want to be featured in our list) a good place for new media media talent to apply?
Organization (GroupM) I am working with now offers 360 degree media solutions to brand managers therefore, one will get all possible opportunities to explore and learn each aspect of advertising holistically, which would eventually help in shaping his/her ideas which are most relevant to market dynamics and client’s needs.

One tip that you would give the Freshers in the industry.
Digital advertising industry in particular is so dynamic in nature that a person may find himself totally irrelevant if he does not keep himself abreast with latest developments. Hence, my suggestion for a beginner would be to read as much relevant stuff as you can. This will help you in becoming a better human being personally and professionally in New Media.

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