It’s almost (should we say) fashionable for businesses to use social media. But how many are understanding and analyzing their efforts and results on these?

How many know about the expanse of tools and methods to analyze effectiveness of these. We say “expanse'” because there are a lot of options out there. All social media platforms have some features which help you to track progress – how should such data be used to improve campaign performance. How can you go beyond these to generate advanced tracking reports? What about measuring positive and negative online reputation – how should one go about it

If you have these questions, then attending the Learning Catalyst event on social media analytics is a nice option.

What would be covered are

  • – The final say on social media ROI – what is this all about
  • – Case studies on social media ROI
  • – Overview of the free and paid tools in the market with their pros and cons
  • – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Orkut, LinkedIn : What are the platform tool options available to measure effectiveness of campaigns on these
  • – How can you go beyond the above to track more parameters
  • – How can positive and negative influence and reputation be managed online

Dates, Timings and Faculty in different cities given below

Mumbai on 27th Aug Sat at 4:30 PM at the Learning Catalyst classroom. Faculty is Jaideep Bir.Book your place

Pune on 28th Aug Sun at 4:30 PM at MIT campus. Faculty are Aditya Rao and Shikha Pakhide. Book your place.

Delhi on 3rd Sept Sat at 4:30 PM at Hotel Ginger. Faculty is Hanisha Vaswani

Bangalore – Despair not 🙂 To be announced

Ahmedabad – Despair not 🙂 To be announced