Latest errors announced by Facebook in the ad metrics reporting

This video is about the two new error that have been observed in the Facebook ad metrics. It must be remembered that this is not the first time that such announcements have been made by Facebook

Ads in Facebook Instant Articles

The first thing is the instant articles bit which are the articles  where viewers can reach out to publisher content within the Facebook platform so they don’t need to actually,  go to say the Economist or the New York Times etc so that’s what instant articles are all about. So what was happening was this:Ads which are there in the instant article were being pre-loaded and that is actually going against the whole principle of paying for actual views.

Video Ads

Sometimes you don’t like what you see in the first five seconds of the video so you quickly go down  and start looking at the other stuff in your feed. What was happening was this : in a lot of cases, Facebook is saying that the video continued to play and the ad in the video also continued to play so  this is an example of misrepresentation of the views and it goes against the whole principle of paying for actual number of views.


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