Digital Marketing Trends In The Hotel Industry That All Marketers Should Be Aware Of In

Hotels and resorts have sprung up all over the place. And, with the travel bug getting to people at the rate that it is, it is no wonder that hotels have a lot of scope to make use of. However, this excessive availability of hotels only makes it more prudent for hotel marketers to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies in order to keep up with their competition. Here are some of the most important digital marketing trends in the hotel industry that digital marketers should watch out for:

Video marketing for hotels gets the most response and engagement:

Videos have taken over the World Wide Web by storm. There is nothing that consumers engage with more online when it comes to videos. Consequently, your hotel’s videos will be much better fodder for marketing campaigns than any other kind of content would be. (It’s also advisable that, when it comes to hotel marketing videos on Facebook, the visuals of the video are interesting enough for consumers to switch on the audio, as most “watch time” on Facebook is calculated if the consumer watches the video after activating the play button manually.) It is good to note that Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the top social media contenders for popular video content.

Mobile marketing is now indispensable, and it is here to stay:

With so many users checking the World Wide Web via their smartphones, the hotel industry would be losing a huge chunk of their potential (as well as existing) customers if they did not optimize their website and their content for mobile devices. Creating a mobile app for their mobile brand where customers can easily make bookings, reservations, browse content, as well as make payments is the best way to keep abreast of current consumers in this digital age.

There has been a lot of noise about how mobile marketing will be a necessity in recent years. But now that factor is a firm reality and something that all hotels should dip into for its enormous marketing potential and extensive reach to customers.

The line between social media and ecommerce is blurring:

“Buy buttons” are all the rage now as people flock to social media for hotel bookings and information. In fact, now, it is advisable for hotels to seriously consider using buy buttons on the social media accounts connected to their purchases. In other words, ecommerce and social media no longer has a keen wall of separation between the two; instead, the lines have blurred. And the hotel industry should make full use of this blurring of lines by using “buy buttons” to ensure that their services and products can be bought via social media too.

Content should be valuable and informative in order to gain the best organic Web traffic:

Pure marketing messages and promotional content will do nothing for the consumers of today. Instead, they will expect and appreciate valuable content (either in the form of videos, text, or photos) that will provide them with either entertainment value or educational value. Even if the video is a demo, or a guide to the various kinds of wines that the hotel offers and what kind of food goes best with those wines, it is still valuable content.

In other words, customers now expect a storytelling strategy with the hotel industry’s marketing content. They want to be interested in the brand, learn stories about it, and even feel connected to the hotel brand in some way. In fact, inciting some sort of personal appeal or impression of the hotel and brand with the marketing content is the ideal and most successful content marketing trend right now in this industry.