Digital Marketing Jobs for MBA Graduates in 2016 – Updated on 26 January 2016




Thanks to the Internet virtually taking up every sector, businesses now have a heaping amount of participation necessary in the World Wide Web. So it’s no surprise that digital marketing is constantly growing field with incredible scope. However, it’s also true that the digital marketing domain is still relatively new. As such, formal qualifications to get into this field are neither fixed nor predictable. But this is often a blessing in disguise as the onus is on skills rather than a list of qualifications.

Despite the lack of fixed qualifications to define this internet marketing domain though, certain courses are found to be well-suited to this field. And MBA is one of those courses.

MBA graduates in particular often find that they have a better familiarity with this field than one would think. Not necessarily because they are well-versed with the Internet either. Rather, it is the fact that MBA graduates are trained to understand the business spectrum of the world. They develop a keen insight to understand business tactics, target consumer patterns, and marketing strategies. And all these skills are what are astutely needed in the digital marketing domain too. The only difference is that these skills and knowledge need to be applied to the cyber world.

Hence, as an MBA graduate, you have quite a few options for lucrative careers in the digital marketing domain. And here are some of those internet marketing jobs for MBAs: 

Social Media Marketing and Management

Often referred to as just SMM (Social Media Marketing), this job often requires that you adeptly handle multiple social media accounts for a company or brand. Consumers are no longer satisfied with a company merely existing and producing products. They want interaction. And this should be expected as the main purpose of the Internet is communication in the first place.

A person working in SMM should know how to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. He or she should also be well-versed in social media and Internet etiquette practices and make sure that nothing they post will offend their target consumers’ or others sensibilities. For the content should above all, be above reproach as much as is possible.

Scheduling various content posts, analysing reach and engagement of updates, and link building on social media and websites is all a part of an SSM’s job. Plus, other than managing content, most SMMs have to create the content from the company’s base idea(s) too.

Web Analytics and Data Analyser

Compiling, processing, and analysing data gathered is something all MBA students would have had to do during the duration of their course. And this would certainly aid you if MBA graduates want to consider Web Analytics as a career.

In this job, you will not be making the content, but rather be analysing how they perform on the Internet. Whether that includes website content, social media content, blog content, or any other, depends on the company one might work for. In any case though, using the various web analytical tools that are available, the Web Analytics and Data Analyser will have to judge trends, performance and reach from the data collected. And then, he or she will also have to suggest possible improvements in addition to giving the report.

Digital Marketing Manager

This is usually the top post in the digital marketing domain. And to reach here, you will have to be connoisseur of digital marketing. In other words, you must be an expert and extremely good at what you do.

The DMM (Digital Marketing Manager) will either take a hands-on participation, or simply be the person who supervises; or both. Either way, nothing gets approved in the digital marketing department of the company without his or her say so. And they will usually be at the centre of the action.

An MBA graduate, thus, has a lot of scope for jobs in digital marketing. But in addition to the skills they learn in MBA, they will also need to be Internet-savvy as well as have excellent communication and research skills.