Digital Marketing Jobs for BMS Students and Graduates in 2017– Updated on 18th May

Why Business Management & Digital Marketing Cannot be Separated Anymore

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market today. With the steady rise of people choosing to shop online, the number of businesses going online is phenomenal. Another major factor that opens up plenty of job opportunities is the current trend of favoring mobiles over desktops. As more and more customers prefer to shop and access social media through their phones, factors like web analysis and search engine optimization can lead to highly desirable results for various companies. This is where BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) students can prove their mettle.

Current Digital Trends Have Inexorably Combined Business & Digital Marketing

In order to be visible among their storm of competitors on the Internet, companies spend millions to invest in digital marketing avenues like Google Adwords, PPC, etc. Additionally, college goers and millennials usually trust information given on Facebook more than information given in print media like newspapers and magazines.

The graph below is an additionally clear indication of how much digital marketing is required for any business and, consequently, what a hot job market it is. After all, when businesses of all kinds are allocating such a significant portion of their marketing budget to digital marketing, it stands to reason that digital marketing jobs are not only available in practically every business field, but that they are also extremely important, thus making it a good and available career opportunity:

 % of marketing budget dedicated to digital marketing

In short, it is a great time for Management Studies graduates to get into a digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing Jobs that is Well-Suited for Digitally Savvy BMS Graduates

This trend of inevitably needing to combine both business and digital strategies has resulted in digital job profiles like social media campaign executive, web analyst executive, etc. Here’s what these jobs generally entail:

Social Media Campaign Executive:

This job profile entails understanding current trends and providing apt information in the most effective way to social media users through online marketing efforts. A keen understanding of mass market behavior and social trends and engagement is necessary here.

Web Analyst Executive:

This job profile deals with a close study and research of rising and dipping digital trends at any point or frame of time, and then devising a digital marketing strategy that can be used to monetize these trends effectively.

SEO Executive:

Search Engine Optimization is what ensures that a website or mobile app for a business actually reaches the audience who need and want their services.

Digital Marketing Executive:

Search Engine marketing and digital marketing in general are two other job profiles that suit BMS students who want to ride the digital marketing wave. Devising market strategies and plans that will need to be implemented

Content Executive:

Content is what actually reaches the business’s target audience on the Web. Hence, copywriters, content developers, and content strategists are also in great demand (especially with content marketing jobs rising in the ranks of job sites and with more and more businesses focusing on content marketing as their primary strategy.

Additionally, BMS students can also have great opportunities in jobs that are not centered solely around the Internet too, such as the following opportunities:

PR Executive:

A Public Relations Executive takes care of the business’s relationship and image with the public. These executives are in charge of press releases, live public footage, and generally everything that involves the business interacting directly with the public in real time.

Branding Executive:

The brand image and the relationship of the brand with its audience and consumers are the core responsibilities of the branding executive. For, not only should the business’s brand be memorable, but the memory should also invoke the impression the business is aiming for, in the consumers’ minds.

Media Management Executive:

Other than the Internet, TV, radio, and print are also part of most businesses’ marketing strategies. And the media management executive is responsible for managing the media spots (and overseeing the related content) that their company/business is a part of.

It’s good to note that while PR, media management, and branding are not solely related to the digital sphere of the Internet alone, it does not mean that the Internet does not get integrated into these job processes as well.

Core Skills Required for the BMS Student Opting for a Digital Career:

While the business management and strategizing skills the BMS student has are essential, the BMS graduate must also cultivate three other core skills if he or she wants to get into a digital marketing career:

  • Familiarity with Digital Platforms

Now, this is a fun skill to develop: For, all you have to do is set up a number of social media accounts for yourself and regularly use them. Maintaining a blog or website and also regularly writing emails is also a good practice for familiarizing yourself with various digital platforms and their features.

Of course, a digital marketing course can give you the same practice. But hands-on and regular practice is a much better option when it comes to learning anything. Besides, when something is part of your own personal routine and enjoyment, it is much easier to inculcate as a skill. As for any extra information, update yourself regularly regarding the digital sphere and its related innovations and trends via articles, videos, and infographics.

  • Knowledge of Marketing Trends and Strategies

Marketing plans, strategies, and their execution is something a BMS student will often learn and become familiar with during the duration of their graduation course. However, BMS students will also need to consider how such marketing knowledge can be applied to the digital sphere and how each different digital platform can be used to those ends. Being able to analyze digital marketing patterns, trends, and their effects and results are also an essential digital marketing skill to have.

  • A Creative Bent of Mind that is Capable of Learning and Innovating

The BMS student looking to have a career in digital marketing must also have a creative bent of mind. However, to clarify, this doesn’t mean that you have to have incredible artistic abilities in one form or another (although, this would definitely be a plus). Rather, it simply means being able to be flexible and come up with creative and innovative ideas with what you may have on hand.

For instance: Using a different turn of phrase for a headline that is still quite relevant to a post can get that post more clicks. Incorporating live videos in the marketing strategy that is mostly raw and unedited when you’re short on time or need to appeal to a larger or different demographic. Using old photographs and having the idea to photoshop/edit them into memes or some other quirky form of a post. In other words, as much as you use data and numbers and planned strategies, you need to be able to innovate as well.

In short, skilled BMS students with a passion to learn, unlearn, and relearn will have numerous job opportunities in the digital market. BMS students who have gone through a digital marketing course or an internship in a digital marketing company will have an added advantage here as well.

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