Digital Marketing Jobs for BMS Students and Graduates in 2016

Digital Marketing Jobs for BMS Students and Graduates in 2016 – Updated on 2nd february

Digital Marketing Jobs for BMS Students and Graduates in 2016

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market today. With the steady rise of people choosing to shop online, the number of businesses going online is phenomenal. Another major factor that opens up plenty of job opportunities is the current trend of favouring mobiles over desktops. As more and more customers prefer to shop and access social media through their phones, factors like web analysis and search engine optimization can lead to highly desirable results for various companies. This is where BMS students can prove their mettle. Not only are these jobs highly lucrative, they are also very challenging jobs that require a lot of hands on training and learning. For an inquisitive BMS student passionate about taming the Internet, there is a plethora of interesting jobs up for grabs.

In order to be visible in the storm of options available on the Internet, companies spend millions to invest in Google Adwords. According to certain surveys, Indian companies like InkFruit also spend a lot of money attracting prospective customers through Adwords. In addition to this, surveys also claim that college goers and millennials trust information given on Facebook more than print media like newspapers and magazines. This trend has resulted in job profiles like social media campaign expert and web analyst. The former job profile entails understanding current trends and providing the apt information in the most effective way to social media users. The latter deals with a close study of rising trends and devising a marketing strategy that can be used to monetize these trends effectively.

Search Engine marketing and search engine optimization are two other job profiles that suit BMS students who want to ride the digital marketing wave. Web copywriters are also in great demand. So whether it is programming or analyzing, BMS students stand to gain a lot from tapping into these current trends. They must also possess the ability to enhance their skills and market their talents even while they’re on the job. Many companies of international fame hire BMS students to take the helm of social media and web management. Some examples of such companies include trailblazers like Amazon, Disney and Capgemini. Indian ecommerce giants like Flipkart and SnapDeal also offer such job profiles to skilled BMS students.

BMS students who have gone through an internship in a digital marketing company are highly in demand. Students will find it highly useful to approach institutes that provide opportunities to discover various aspects of digital marketing like content writing, creation of websites for clients, business development, campaign management and analysis. Full time jobs in these sectors are rewarding in many ways but students can start early by entering the world of digital marketing early through part time jobs. Choosing an institution that provides part time job opportunities like web content writing is a very good way to familiarize oneself with the nuances of digital marketing before immersing oneself in the field. Overall, for the skilled BMS student with a passion to learn, unlearn and relearn, the world is brimming with opportunities.