Digital Marketing Job Opportunity in Ecommerce Companies in 2016 - Guidebook

Digital Marketing Job Opportunity in Ecommerce Companies in 2016 – Guidebook – Updated on 3rd february


Digital Marketing Job Opportunity in Ecommerce Companies in 2016 - Guidebook

E-Commerce is the current favourite in the list of lucrative fields young graduates prefer to take up. With more and more businesses taking root online, the scope and magnitude of this field is limitless. Recent surveys revealed that a high percentage of purchasing was done online as opposed to physical shops. In addition to this, social networking plays a major role in regulating traffic towards certain websites. Since most people access social media like Facebook on their mobiles, a radical change in perspectives has come about. It has led to a major shift towards mobile marketing and its related offshoots. Experts predict that mobile marketing is the sector to look out for this year.

The most exciting part of E-commerce careers is the novelty of the field. Since most career options are being created to address new needs of the market, prospective employees will receive the opportunity to research, learn and forge new paths. Every year will bring forth new challenges and new avenues to discover amazing possibilities. One example of this would be the field of Marchitecture A combination of marketing and architecture, this field is trying to address the issue of data overdose. Since the vast amount of data being generated every second is predicted to pose a problem, most companies want to take precautionary measures to create data that that is bound by necessity, logic and regulations.

Yet another career choice that is quickly gaining popularity is the field of Marketing Cloud Companies. This particular sector of e-commerce focuses on making storage and management of data more effective. It also involves finding ways to improve communication between the business and the client. If creating Data Management Platforms and Customer Relationship Management portals is what interest you, then this is the field for you.

Another exciting new career choice for E-commerce students is that of 3D printing. Though it is in its infancy, a lot of research and development is being conducted in the field. It won’t be long that 3D printing enters e-commerce and changes customer-seller relationships in a radical manner. Mobile optimization is another field that is gaining popularity because of the growing importance of mobile marketing. E-commerce students will also receive opportunities to learn and conduct research on ways to integrate artificial intelligence into customer service. Facebook M is simply one innovative foray into AI that is entering the stream. Soon, many companies will follow opening up a plethora of job opportunities for E-commerce students.

Similarly, fields like Robobranding and Video Marketing are also being explored as the next big thing. E-commerce students equipped with basic programming and software knowledge can prepare themselves for these new exciting opportunities by enrolling in courses that teach DTP (Data Management Platforms) and CSM (Customer Relationship Management) in order to remain updated. Prospective employees will be very much benefited by a quest for learning and an ability to constantly update one’s knowledge. Jobs related to E-commerce are growing quickly and opportunities are plenty for the well-informed, prepared candidate.