Digital Marketing Job Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals in 2016- Updated on 27th January 2016

Jobs for Current Sales and Marketing Professionals



Over the course of the last two decades, sales and marketing strategies have undergone massive strategic and conceptual changes. As they are catering to the connected consumer base of today, what needs to change first is the traditional mindset. Digital marketing is important to businesses because experimenting and learning the current trends of market behavior is the only way to fully optimize the market.

The number of tools, platforms and systems available to sales and marketing professionals to upgrade their knowledge and career opportunities is numerous and highly easy to acquire. Current sales and marketing job descriptions also show a leaning towards professionals who are capable of understanding and maneuvering web behavior.  

Current Opportunities

The biggest change in marketing has been the shift from brand centric propaganda to customer centric marketing. In this highly connected era where every target group tries to acquire information through screens, it is highly relevant for sales professionals to step into marketing. As most clients prefer real time conversations online, sales professionals have the opportunity to step in to promote a consumer-specific strategy that will ensure the client of the company’s integrity. Even the simple act of acquiring the e-mail id and phone number of a prospective client with the promise of sending relevant data will play a role in boosting sales targets.  This will require a well-rooted knowledge of the company’s policies as well as the expectations and overall behavior of the target group.

E-commerce is booming in India and digital marketing is the perfect avenue to build a career in marketing and sales. Professionals with a clear understanding of what the customer needs are very much in demand. Sales and marketing professionals need to recognize the fact that the consumer of today is highly informed about their decisions. Therefore, the focus should be on connecting with the client and providing relevant data.

Marketing and sales job profiles do not limit themselves to e-mail and telecommunications anymore. They are required to handle web pages, applications and other digital media efficiently to become more consumer-centric. These avenues need sales and marketing professionals who are well versed in marketing strategies as well as efficient use of digital resources.

How to upgrade to the digital market

Most major companies have realized the importance of digital marketing and are on the lookout for skilled individuals who can make optimum use of digital media to enhance consumer satisfaction. A sales or marketing professional can upgrade to the digital market by enrolling in online courses that can enhance their skill set without compromising their current job. A course in digital management can greatly aid sales professionals in making efficient use of the tools and platforms available online and also help them understand the behavior of the target group.

As per the desired job role, a diploma in digital management can also help a sales or marketing professional to upgrade to a better career. Since digital management is the future of advertising, management and sales, it is a wise option to explore career options in this niche area.