Digital Marketing Job Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals in 2017- Updated on 30th May 2017

Why You Should Consider Shifting to Digital Sales & Marketing

Over the course of the last decade or so, sales and marketing strategies have undergone massive strategic and conceptual changes. And the result in a nutshell is that they are catering to the digitally connected and internet-savvy consumer base of today. Hence, what needs to change first is the idea that traditional sales and marketing platforms are enough for businesses of today. Another thing that needs to change is the mindset that traditional sales and marketing professionals cannot shift to digital sales and marketing: They certainly can.

Digital marketing is important to businesses today; there’s no way around that. The graph below depicting the increasing shift from traditional marketing avenues to digital marketing avenues is proof of that:

Shift from marketing to digital continues

As a consequence, experimenting and learning about the current trends of market behavior on the Web is the only way to fully optimize this digital market for sales. Additionally, the number of online tools, platforms, and systems available to sales and marketing professionals to upgrade their digital knowledge and [consequently] their digital career opportunities is numerous and highly easy to acquire. Current sales and marketing job descriptions also show a leaning towards people who are capable of understanding and maneuvering Web behavior, especially if such candidates are already familiar with (or have experience with) sales and marketing professionally – even if it was related to traditional sales and marketing tactics.

Current Scope of Digital Marketing and Sales

The biggest change in marketing has been the shift from brand-centric propaganda to customer-centric marketing. In this highly connected era, where every target group tries to acquire information through digital screens, it is highly relevant for sales professionals to step into the digital marketing arena. Plus, as most clients prefer real-time conversations online, sales and marketing professionals have plenty of opportunity to step in and employ a consumer-oriented communication strategy that will ensure the client of the company’s integrity. Even the simple act of acquiring the e-mail id and phone number of a prospective client with the promise of sending relevant data will play a role in boosting sales targets and marketing reach.

This kind of job, however, will require a well-rooted knowledge of the company’s policies as well as the expectations and overall behavior of the target group or demographic. Again, though, this is something that even traditional sales and marketing professionals will have to do. The only difference here will be that this will be done now through a digital platform and targeted to online users.

Further, with ecommerce booming in India, digital marketing has become the perfect avenue to build up a career in marketing and sales. Professionals with a clear understanding of what the customer needs are very much in demand. Sales and marketing professionals also need to recognize the fact that the consumer of today is highly informed about their decisions, thanks to all kinds of information being available on the Internet. Therefore, the focus should be on connecting with the client and providing relevant data.

Marketing and sales professionals also do not (and cannot) limit themselves to email and telecommunications alone anymore. They are, instead, required to handle web pages, mobile applications, and other digital media efficiently to become more consumer-centric.

Thus, these avenues need sales and marketing professionals who are not only well-versed in marketing strategies, but also well-versed in the efficient use of digital resources.

Digital Marketing Factors that Sales & Marketing Professionals should Familiarize Themselves With:

There are three general skills that current (traditional) sales and marketers should become familiar with in order to effectively enter the digital realm of their field:

1) They should be digitally savvy.

This is probably going to be the hardest part of the shift. For, the sales and marketing professional will have to unlearn all they’ve known about traditional marketing methods, and shift entirely to digital platforms, digital trends, and digital customers. Of course, this can be jarring at first. But it’s a little like the culture shock one receives when they initially visit a completely different country to live in or work in for a while: The initial effect is as long as it lasts. And then, you’ll find yourself not only getting used to the change, but also making connections between your old experience and new experience until they don’t seem that different anymore.

2) They should be creatively bent.

Now, as a sales and marketing professional already, you’ll know the limitations of how creative you can be on the job. A digital marketing job will stretch those limits and give you more freedom. More importantly though, you will have to become familiar with the creative side of digital marketing and sales. For, in the digital realm, one can’t exist without the other.

3) They should have knowledge of sales and marketing strategies.

This is the easiest bit. You already have knowledge of sales and marketing strategies. You simply have to shift their employment to the digital realm.

How to Upgrade from Traditional Sales & Marketing to the Digital Level

Most major companies have realized the importance of digital marketing and are on the lookout for skilled individuals who can make the optimum use of digital media to enhance their consumers’ satisfaction. Hence, there is no dearth of opportunities, especially considering that all businesses require sales and marketing on the digital end.

To that end, a sales or marketing professional can upgrade to the digital level of their expertise by enrolling in online digital marketing courses that can enhance their skill-set – without compromising their current job. Such a course can greatly aid sales professionals in making efficient use of the tools and platforms available online, as well as also help them understand the buying and engagement behavior of Web audience groups.

As per the desired job role, a diploma in digital marketing can also help a sales or marketing professional to upgrade to a better [digital] career. In fact, since digital marketing is the future of advertising and sales, it would be a wise option to explore career options in this niche area – especially since, as a sales and marketing professional, you already have a good deal of the skills you need to be well-suited to this opportunity; all you need is the digital skills that go with it.