Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For IT Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 29th January

Career as an IT Professional in Today’s Job Market

Connectivity is the name of the game today. And as a tech professional (or as a wannabe tech professional), you need to keep up with the updates, developments and new trends in technology in order to succeed in the job market. The main thing to know here is that things aren’t the same they were a few years ago. In fact, considering the massive enhancements that happen in the technology sector practically every month, even if your skills are recently acquired, chances are that you had better check for updates again.

So, now that you know why you should pick up the pace and keep your study skills handy, here’s a list of a couple of skills you should drown yourself in as an IT professional, if you want to compete in today’s job market:


Now, networking here refers to two things: One is networking tech support, where you learn how to fix any networking errors either you or a client faces on their networking device. This feature also falls under the banner of desktop support now as well. So see why this is such a demanded skill?

The second thing is networking on social media. And yes, you need to know this. After all, if you’re going to fix and manage information technology via the Internet, you should also be adept at managing the information channels on the Internet. Plus, whatever skill you have, whatever product or service you create or are hired to create, that skill, product, or service needs to be “findable” and “discoverable” by the target audience. So yes, networking via social media is a definite skill you need to cultivate.

Project Management

IT companies work on projects that live through deadlines and take quite a bit of preparation and money. Hence, organization and efficiency is essential in this field. And consequently, that means you, as a tech professional, need to have project management skills.

You’re also going to need soft skills as well, since it’s likely that you’ll have to interact with your clients – and even need to explain the process of the project to them sometimes.

Vendor Management

Sadly, not many IT courses cover this essential skill. But with outsourcing for IT projects on the rise, IT professionals who can work with and supervise vendors will have better career growth than those who do not.

Web Marketing Skills

Now, online marketing may not be in your job description, or part of anything close to what you signed up for. But, learning at least the basics of Web marketing skills, like SEO techniques, social media networking, and such, will greatly add to your skills and employability. After all, the best place for your customers to find your product is on the Web. So you might as well get yourself familiar with how the Internet works, and how you can make your product discoverable and marketable on the World Wide Web.

Communication Skills and Knowledge Sharing Skills

Communication skills in this particular field work two ways. On one side, such skills are essential to communicate clearly with a client, or to even propose or present a project to them. On the other side, you need to be able to communicate the project details and instructions up and down the hierarchy and to your team mates with minimum to no misunderstanding regarding the information given.

As for knowledge sharing skills, the simple fact is that you are doubly valuable if you have the ability to transfer your knowledge to others.

Business Skills and Marketing Skills

In the end, whatever you create, it has to be discoverable by your audience, and consequently, it has to be marketable. And this is where business skills and marketing skills come into play.