Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For Design and UX Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 28 January 2016

jobs for design and ux professionals


Gone are the days where a specific skill-set or qualification was sufficient for a job. Sure, there are still jobs and occupations like that. But they’re few and far between. And when you’re considering jobs related to design and/or new media (also known as the Internet or Internet media by the way, in case the clarification was necessary), it is absolutely impossible to limit yourself to a particular set of skills or a fixed limit of learning. Or at least, it is impossible if you actually want a flourishing career in this field.

Now, as we’ve possibly added enough pressure on you about your chosen design professions, we’ll move on to the actual skills and knowledge you need to develop in order to grow in this particular profession.

Learn as much as you can about new media platforms:

In today’s Internet-driven world, you are sorely limiting yourself as a designer if you don’t learn how to apply your skills to design new media platforms. And, if your choice is already on being a UX professional, that’s great. With Smartphones and Tablets more easily available and carried by the mass new media audience than laptops nowadays, it is essential that you update your design skills to work on platforms that are compatible with both Smartphones and Tablets, in addition to laptops.


Update your design skills constantly and learn about digital marketing:

Let’s get down to the core of your profession” You are going to design for the Internet; it’s inevitable. And the majority of times you design for the Internet, you will probably be doing so for the purpose of digitally marketing something. So, not only do you have to keep updating your design-related skills, you also have to learn about digital marketing and what the process of it entails. And the easiest way to do so is to join a digital marketing training course. It doesn’t even matter if, at the end of the course, you earn a digital marketing professional certificate, or a digital marketing professional diploma, or some other kind of certificate either. All that matters is that you learn about digital marketing so that you know how to implement those practices in relation to your design. SEO skills especially will greatly help you out.


Develop your business acumen:

At the end of the day, you are working for a business. And, if you’re a freelancer, this is even truer; in fact, you are the business. Hence, it’s essential that you pick up a certain level of business skills. Also, you are mostly going to be designing platforms for businesses. Hence, your understanding about how and why a business works will balance out your design skills to be even more effective.


The world is an interactive, information-driven place now. And that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. But if you keep yourself updated on the online marketing trends in this field, you’ll be able to reap most of the benefits.