Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For Creative Professionals in 2017– Updated on 19th January 2017


What Being a Digital Creative Professional Looks Like

The Role of Creatives in Today’s digitally-Defined Era

Since digital marketing has grown and spread its branches across various sectors, jobs related to art, design, animation, software design, content writing, marketing, SEO, PR, and marketing management are all a part of digital agencies. In fact, every field of digital marketing needs some kind of creative participation in one form or the other.

For instance, in the realm of social media, with the current social media audience being so visually inclined, a graphic designer or video marketer and video editor is often part of the social media marketing team. And as the actual text content in social media needs writers, a content writer is usually part of the social media marketing team too. Website and blog marketing also has graphic designers, content writers, and web designers as part of their team. And even app development and software design need copywriters and visual arts experts to ensure that all their work is delivered in an appealing package that is easy to navigate and comprehend.

In essence, creativity is an indispensable part of digital marketing at every level and in every field. For, the creative part is not only what actually communicates to the digital audience, but it is also what makes a particular, post, strategy, plan, or package initially worth noticing to a potential customer.

If you need further proof of what a lucrative career digital marketing is, check out the creative design and content marketing job growth graphs below:

Predicted job growth

As one can see from the above graph, content marketing jobs are at an all-time high and will likely continue to grow. And while content means the whole gamut from video to images to text, aspiring content writers, copywriters, and the like should know that writing of all kinds is now more necessary than ever with content marketing being in such incredible demand.

What Defines You as a Creative Professional?

If creating visually appealing images and/or videos, writing engaging content, or designing websites, and ads is your forte, then you are treading the path of a creative digital professional. Which is a good thing – For the digital sphere is an absolute haven for creative individuals and offers a number of diverse career opportunities like graphic designing, animation, video editing, video production and marketing, copywriting, content development, article writing, web designing, and blogging (among others).

Enormous Opportunities for Creative Professionals

As for the actual digital marketing job opportunities for creative professionals in question, there’s actually a pretty diverse number of titles. However, they can be cumulatively grouped into three main categories:

  • Graphic Design

Graphic designers include the entire realm of graphic artists, ad designers, brochure and pamphlet designers, image editors, illustrators, and the like. Basically, any kind of visual design (that is still) falls under the graphic design category.

  • Web Design

Consumers of the digital age expect the overall aesthetic quality of the web page to be perfectly attractive. They also prefer an interactive online platform that gives the impression of talking to a person and not a machine. These aesthetic and interactive features are carefully visualized and created by web designers who understand the needs of the clients and the pulse of the target group.

  • Mobile App Design

With so many users limiting themselves to using mobile devices more than traditional PCs and laptops, it is a crucial time for companies and businesses not only to have a website for themselves, but to also ensure that the website is optimized for mobile viewing. Even more importantly however, mobile app downloads are at an all-time high, and now it’s inconceivable for an online store or online business service not to have a mobile app of their own. And this is where mobile app designers come in to save the business from fading into mobile obscurity.

Generally, mobile app designers have the same responsibilities and job functions as web designers, with the focus being on the mobile Web platform rather than the overall Web platform.

Note: In more relative terms, graphic design, mobile app design, and web design are the costume design and makeup department of any digital marketing strategy.

  • Live Videos & Animated Videos

Videos are the most popular medium of content at the moment. And hence, the animator and the video marketer is in high demand. Hence, those with good storytelling skills and skilled in shooting videos and/or creating animations have a good future in a digital creative career.

Note: Often, graphic designers, mobile app designers, and web designers, too, learn a few animation skills, as they might need to create minor animations and animated GIFs for websites and social media posts. And while video producers often know animation software and the mechanics of animations as well, not all of them will be familiar with the concept.)

  • Content Writing & Development

Creative professionals who specialize in writing have a lot of demand in digital agencies. Their job profiles could be that of content writer, copywriter, article writer, blogger, or content analyst. The nature of the job deals with promoting the client’s web page and providing useful content with the help of ingeniously well-crafted content. This will include content written for social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdWords, blogs, and anything else in the digital sphere.

The primary requirement for this job profile is a firm understanding of web content, keywords, and web audience behaviors. The changing trends of social networking sites and the current interests of the target group must also be reflected in the content written for that particular purpose.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for the visibility of the web page too (as carefully worded content will lead to the appearance of the desired web page in the top search results). Similarly, ads also require copy written content. (For instance, AdWords is a feature offered by Google that requires payment only when the advertisement receives clicks. Hence, only prodigiously crafted ads can invite clicks by users.)

Thus, needless to say, digital agencies offer a goldmine of opportunities for creative writers.

The Ongoing Scope for Creative Digital Careers

Currently, a large number of creative professionals are already in demand and will certainly have a continuing role to play in the digital marketing business. In fact, if current trends hold, a creative digital job is right now among the most lucrative fields for creative professionals in India.

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