Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For Creative Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 29th January 2016

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Digital agencies and Creative Professionals

The past few decades have shown tremendous change in the way marketing, sales and advertising is defined. Perhaps the most important of these changes have been the way digital marketing has become inevitable to the cause of business.  As businesses continue to thrive in many forms and avatars, digital marketing is important because as times change, strategies must also change. Print is still valid but its power is on a decline with digital media like TV, Radio and the Internet consistently taking its place.  This is because, unlike print, digital marketing will ensure that many obstacles between the consumer and the retailer can be overcome in new and innovative ways.

Digital marketing is important especially in countries like India because it is a growing market full of opportunities and tech savvy consumers who are easy to connect with on a digital platform.

Since digital marketing has grown and spread its branches across various sectors, jobs related to art, design, animation, software, content writing, marketing and management are all a part of digital agencies. So, if creating visually appealing stuff is your forte, you are threading the right path.  It is a haven for creative individuals with career opportunities like graphics designing, animation specialists or copy writing.



Growing opportunities

Creative professionals who specialize in writing have a lot of demand in digital agencies. Their job profiles could be that of content writer or content analyst. The nature of the job deals with promoting the client’s web page with the help of ingeniously well crafted content. This will include content written for social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdWords, blogs etc. The primary requirement for this job profile is a firm understanding of web behavior. The changing trends of social networking sites and the current interests of the target group must reflect in the content written for that particular purpose. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the visibility of the web page as carefully worded content will lead to the appearance of the desired web page in the top search results. Similarly, AdWords is a feature offered by Google that requires payment only when the advertisement receives clicks. Only prodigiously crafted ads can invite clicks by users. These opportunities make digital agencies a challenging and satisfying atmosphere for creative writers.

Web designing and graphic animations are also major participants in the digital marketing game. Consumers of the digital age expect the overall aesthetic quality of the web page to be perfectly attractive. They also prefer an interactive online platform that gives the impression of talking to a person and not a machine. These aesthetic and interactive features are carefully visualized and created by animators and designers who understand the needs of the clients and the pulse of the target group.


Exploring new avenues

Though digital agencies are flourishing in India, this is only just the beginning. Since more and more people are coming aboard the digital ship, it is evident that the industry will go forward and diversify into new forms and possibilities. With the need to adapt to a world which changes at lightning speed, a host of creative professionals have a role to play in the digital marketing business. It is, currently, among the most lucrative fields for creative professionals in India.