Digital Marketing Job Openings in KPO’s – Updated on 26th January 2016

Jobs in KPOs


For a brief introduction to the exact meaning of KPO, KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is an extension of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but with a focus on the information side of business processes. KPO is, in general, a more complex process than BPO, and hence, it requires a high level of organization and communication channels between the operators.

So, now that you know what you’re dealing with, let’s get to the various jobs you can take up in KPOs. For you have quite a range of digital marketing job openings in KPOs in addition to other knowledge and information processes. So it’s a literal gold mine for anyone interested in this field.

Web Analytics Jobs

As most if not all KPO processes relate to information and knowledge sharing on the Internet, Web Analytics jobs are a dime a dozen in KPOs. And all you need are the skills to land this job and then flourish in it.

To clarify, Web Analytics refers to collecting web data, measuring it, and then analysing it in order to report the results obtained. And this is essential to figure out how something is faring online.

Social Media Jobs

Social media refers to online social platforms where users interact over the World Wide Web. Most data is shared on social networking accounts, and it is currently the best way possible to gain an audience for a post, offer, or news. However, businesses are required to also interact with their followers on social media. So it’s not enough to just generate content and share it. Rather, interactions via comments, likes, and shares of other posts – just like a regular person interacting on social media would do among their connections – are essential.

SEO Jobs

If you want anything you put up online to gain the right kind of audience and the necessary kind of reactions, SEO is essential. So the demand for SEO experts is only rising by the day, as it is quite necessary for practically any online platform that deals with content (like websites, blogs, social media, etc.)

Web Research Jobs

In order to gain a good online marketing strategy, research and identification of online trends is essential. So web researchers are a prime job opportunity in KPOs. These researchers are the ones who find out what is currently trending on the web, what certain audience pattern indicate, and how and what content should be generated in order to create the most impact on the online target audience.

Design Jobs

Design jobs are another that’s aplenty in KPOs. After all, a platform needs to be designed on which content can be posted on. And it has to be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, responsive, effective, and serviceable over a variety of platforms and devices. However, do note that designers who have digital marketing related experience will be preferred for such jobs.

There are plenty more jobs that you can find in KPOs. But these are the ones with the most amount of growth and opportunity.