What You Need To Know Before Embarking On A Digital Marketing Career At BC Web Wise

An Introduction to the BC Web Wise Digital Agency

 BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd. is an end-to-end digital marketing and advertising agency and is one of the top digital agencies in India. The company consists of two branches – one in Mumbai and one in Delhi – and it was founded in the year 2000 by BC Web Wise’s current CEO and MD, Chaaya Baradhwaaj. Their Mumbai branch is located opposite Raheja College of Art in Bandra (West).

Also referred to as BCWW, the company boasts of a global clientele along with a shining expertise in strategic brand solutions. BC Web Wise’s extensive range of services also include website development and web design services, Intranet development services, social media optimization (SMO) services, video production services, search engine marketing (SEM) services, content management system (CMS) services, media planning and buying services, email marketing services, online reputation management (ORM) services, and animation services.

Their range of clients is numbered beyond 400 and have included brands like Hero MotoCorp, Fevikwik, Sunsilk, HUL, Domex, Maruti Suzuki, Vardenchi, Grand Vitara, Madison, Petronas, SKNL, Tara, Viacom18, Heinz,CookitUp, McCain, Nilon’s, Maxwell, Optimystix, Z Learn, BBC, Dimexon, Unilever, ITC Limited,Kotak Mahindra Bank, and a wide range of other brands and businesses as well. Overall, BC Web Wise has covered brands and businesses in a wide range of domains, including but not limited to Entertainment, Media, Telecom, Automobiles, Finance, and Consumer Products.

Further, BC Web Wise has also earned a number of awards and recognitions for their work: The (Goafest) Abby Awards in 2013 had them receiving Bronze for their work on both Sunsilk and Fevikwik; they got Silver for another work for Sunsilk; and, they got Gold for yet another of Sunsilk’s creative work. At the DMAi in 2014, they got Silver for their revamp of HUL’s Intranet; the Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards in 2014 where they got the Bronze for both their Sunsilk and Domex clients’ digital works; and the Afaqs Digital Agency Awards in 2014 where BC Web Wise got the Bronze in both the Applications category and the Integrated category.

The BC Web Wise Digital Team

 The BCWW digital agency is headed by the company’s CEO and MD, Chaaya Baradhwaaj. The other core team members of BC Web Wise include Elstan Rebello as the Project Manager and Pramod Hegde as the Project Manager in the Account Management and Planning Department; Asha Ravaliya as the Senior V.P. of Finance and Monica Pereira as BCWW’s Partner in HR Development and Administration in the Finance and HR Department; Mangesh Bhayde as the Creative Director of Art and Design and Anita Rajagopalan as the Creative Director in the Design Department; Shailendra More as the Group Head of Innovations and Mobile Apps in the Flash Department; Ravish Shanbhag as the Group Head of Web Development in the Web Development Department; Rahul Patil as the Animation Head in the Animation Department; and Vishal Agrahari as the Group Head  of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in the Search Department at BC Web Wise.

Current Digital Marketing Job Opportunities Available at BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai

 Currently, in the specific area of digital marketing job opportunities, only one advertised digital marketing related job opening is available for Mumbai residents at BC Web Wise: The job is for the post of a Senior Media Planner at BC Web Wise in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

For this post, BC Web Wise is looking only for candidates who have already had years of previous experience in media planning. Candidates must also have strong PR skills as well as contacts with publishers and media persons, and they must also have similar work experience in Mumbai.

Good presentation skills, easy familiarity with Internet technology, analytical skills, an aptitude for negotiation, and organizational skills are the additional profile skills that BCWW is looking for in candidates for this post. Also, candidates applying for this post will be expected to be in touch with and well-informed about the current industry trends as well as the technological innovations and practices that are active in this field. (You can learn more about this job opening here.)

Other Possible Careers to Apply for at BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai

 Although there are no advertised job openings for such digital marketing jobs at the present time, as their services include web design, web development, Intranet development, SMO, email marketing, SEM, CMS, SEO, ORM, video production, and animation in addition to their media planning and media buying services, then it is a possibility for qualified and experienced candidates in these fields to put their CVs forward to BC Web Wise as independent applications.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for job opening in these areas from BCWW. Or else, the candidates themselves could take the initiative and send their relevant applications to BCWW for the digital marketing positions that they think they will fill in well at the digital agency.

In all the above mentioned digital marketing positions to which candidates might apply, know that all of them require candidates to have a good amount of experience. Also that experience should fall in the very same category of jobs that they are applying for. (General experience in the realm of digital marketing most likely won’t cut it here.)

Aspiring job candidates may either send their applications (with an attached resume and portfolio samples) by email to BC Web Wise via info@bcwebwise.com. Or, they may fill in the contact form on BC Web Wise’s Contact Us web page and submit the said form online.