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» Details of the one day event On Linkedin Marketing


Srinivas Mothey Advanced SEM (PPC) Training Course Faculty
Moksh Juneja

Social Media Catalyst at Avignyata Inc
Details : 1 Day Program , Rs.3500, All sessions on Sat and Sun. Access to Online study material.
Why Learning Catalyst
we are covered



Program Outcomes

This one day program has been designed to equip you with all the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude required to leverage Linkedin successfully for your personal and corporate goals

Program Outline

Session Topic Some of the areas that will be covered
What is LinkedIn (and what is it not)?

How is it different for business owners, sales managers, marketing managers and hiring managers.

Recent updates in the platform and what do they mean for you

What can you really expect from LinkedIn?

Groups, Connections, Personal Profiles and Company Profiles Best Practices of using these important features of Linkedin.

Do’s and don’ts

Linked-In applications ..
Case Studies of successful leverage of Linkedin for personal and company success